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The museums of Mexico City are diverse and plentiful. From intimate galleries to private collections to grand displays, visiting all of them in a single trip is impossible. So if you aren't sure where to start, here's our top museums that you can't miss while you're in the city.

Casa Azul

Frida Kahlo was an iconic Mexican artist, and her former residence turned museum is a window into her creative life. Tour the striking blue building where Kahlo was born, lived, and died, and where many of her works of art and personal effects are on display.

Museo Soumaya

Sometimes a museum's building is just as impressive as its collection, and that's the case with Museo Soumaya. This architectural wonder is an shimmering part of the city, and features a thorough collection of over 66,000 pieces of art which range from Mesoamerica to the modern day. Check out sculptures by Rodin or Diego Rivera's final mural Río Juchitán.

Palacio de Bella Artes

This iconic museum is a staple for Mexico City, and taking the time to wander the plaza outside, stop for drinks at a rooftop terrace across the street, and admire it lit up at night are all vital to your itinerary. Once you've gotten a good view of the outside, head indoors for the murals painted by some of Mexico's finest artists, exhibits on architecture, and performances by the National Theater.

Anahuacalli Museum

The brainchild of Diego Rivera, this museum brings together thousands of items from almost every indigenous civilization in Mexico's history. The building itself is stunning, formed from black volcanic rock and shaped like a pyramid. Some of Rivera's own work is also on display, as well as one of his studios.

Museo Tamayo

A contemporary art museum in Chapultepec Park, the Museo Tamayo celebrates modern art including the works of its founder, artist Rufino Tamayo. Tucked among the natural greenry of the park, the museum's minimalist design is a welcome retreat that is open and spacious.

Museo Nacional Antropologia

Mexico City's most popular museum attracts thousands of visitors for a reason. Its collection of archaeological artifacts is astounding. From Aztec calendars to Mesoamerican statues, the items on display will transport you back in time and serve as a perfect complement to your visit to the nearby Aztec Temple complex, Teotihuacan.

Dolores Olmedo Museum

Photo by @luisa.m.moran

The creation of a late Mexican businesswoman, the Dolores Olmedo Museum includes works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, plus Mesoamerican artifacts and sculptures. The grounds of this hacienda-style complex even feature strutting peacocks and beautiful gardens.

Galería OMR

Photo by _ottmar

A contemporary art gallery located in the trendy Roma neighborhood, Galería OMR is one of the most important spots for modern art in Mexico City. Smart and interesting, modern art lovers can't miss this stop on their tour.

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