What Are Your Tips for Long Flights?

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Any experienced traveler knows that surviving a flight longer than five hours requires some pre-planning. Of course the end destination is worth the time in the sky, but spending hours in a cramped space comes with its share of obstacles. From battling restlessness and boredom to navigating jet lag and hunger, embarking on a long flight is no easy feat.

If you fly across the ocean on the regular, you have your tricks to staying sane while in the air. We're asking you to share your knowledge with our Discoverers, and let us know what makes long flights bearable for you.

Maybe you've figured out the perfect pre-flight routine, involving a hearty meal and a good night's sleep. Or you have a handy dandy gadget or smartphone app that keeps you motivated and sane during the later half of the flight.

Whatever your secret, tell us below and you may be featured in an upcoming article on The Discoverer!


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