Revisit Your Favorite Cities With This Gorgeous Etched Glassware



The venn diagram of people who really like to travel and people who really like to use maps as home decor might not be a perfect circle, but it's got to be pretty close. My house is full of various street map prints, subway art motifs, and other decorative urban planning potpourri, but these etched map whisky glasses are my favorite recent addition to my interior atlas.

Well Told Map Glasses

The glasses are made in America by Well Told Designs, and many are available from Uncommon Goods, but more sizes and cities are available from Well Told's site, with slightly more expensive shipping.

No matter the size or the city you choose, the street maps are etched directly into the glass--not printed on top--meaning you can run them through the dishwasher without any fear of the designs wearing off over time. I personally have a couple of the Columbus, Ohio rocks glasses, and love that they include the names of specific neighborhoods, including smaller ones that only locals would be familiar with.

It's also clear that some active design decisions went into each and every glass, which is impressive given how many cities are available. Rather than printing the complete street grid from, say, a small downtown area, the glasses zoom out to encompass more of each city and its outlying neighborhoods, while focusing on the major roads that give each region its shape. You wouldn't want to use a Well Told wine glass to navigate a city, but they're still instantly evocative of the contours and layouts of cities in a way that I absolutely love.

The glasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and while the major U.S. cities are all obviously covered, Well Told's site even features small college towns like Ames, Iowa and Charlottesville, Virginia if you want to revisit your alma mater every time you take a sip. Some city glasses even come in 26.2 editions complete with marathon route maps, so you can relive your ultimate athletic achievements. Right now, I only have glasses for the city in which I live, but I'm considering adding drinkware from my previous homes, as well as cities that I've visited, loved, and want to remember. When you place your order though, do yourself a favor and get a kit to make fancy ice cubes while you're at it.

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