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The third episode of our Discovery series takes us through Ottawa, Canada for a scenic look at this gorgeous city. From city streets to open water to tree-lined parks, follow along with local Discoverers Syed and Kenneth as they get a new perspective on their home turf.

What inspired this video?
We wanted to showcase Ottawa from a local perspective. Anyone new to the city usually ends up at the Parliament Hill or the Rideau Canal, but Ottawa has so much more to offer. There is so much more to discover in this city if you explore a little further. From scenic views filled with greenery to national museums and streets representing different cultures, Ottawa can always surprise you.

Why Ottawa?
Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and it deserves to be showcased. There is a perfect balance between the city buzz and peacefulness throughout the city. But most importantly, Ottawa should be known for its people. They are incredibly nice, welcoming, and open to anyone. They welcome every culture and respect their community.

What's the best way to explore Ottawa?
I am a videographer and I like to experience anything before I capture it. I like renting a bike and discovering new places. Ottawa is a biking city with more than 170km of biking trails. And every trail has unique views. Also, if you drive 20mins away from the city you end up in Gatineau Hills, where you can go hiking and swimming. Swimming at Lac Meech is a must.

And lastly YOU MUST TRY THE BEAVERTAIL in Ottawa!!

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