Are You Meant to Travel Solo or with Friends?

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When deciding whether or not to bring the crew along for your next adventure, there are lots of things to consider, and pros and cons of both. Is checking out the local nightlife a safe bet alone? Are you comfortable meeting new people along the way, or content reading a good book? Ask yourself these 4 questions before booking...

1. Does the idea of a “table for one” excite you?


Are you extroverted enough to strike up conversations with people? Or are you introverted enough to be comfortable spending time alone with your thoughts? In order to take and truly enjoy a solo trip, you’ll have to fall into one of these categories. Inbetweeners, hit up your posse because you’ll have a much better time. When traveling and eating solo, we recommend finding restaurants with bar seating. Stike up a conversation with the chef or chat with the person next to you.

2. Are you in it for the nightlife?


If you’re planning on partying until dawn - it may be best to bring a friend. It’s way more fun to go out with people who you already know you ~vibe with~ not to mention the whole safety thing. If you want a little of nightlife and peaceful afternoons, consider going to somewhere in Europe in the summer. Odds are you can link up with friends that are going out then continue to blaze your own trail during the day.

3. Where are you staying?


If you have the money to splurge on a hotel room in a nice area, safety is much less of a concern. If you’re ballin' on a budget, splitting a place will allow you to be in the location you’ve been dreaming about without breaking the bank. Of course, a hostel is always an option for the solo traveler, and a great way to meet people on your jouney as well. Keep in mind what works best for you before booking.

4. What activities are you planning?


If you’re planning on checking out museums and sipping wine at sunset, a solo vacation could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Check out landmarks and public parks without the need to abide by someone else's schedule. But if you want your bestie to take that perfect Instagram shot (and not rely on the foreign tourist without a sense of direction), then maybe you should reconsider. Pics, or it didn't happen. Right?

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