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Putting your feet up and delving into your favorite TV show is supposed to be relaxing, right? But when it comes to these 5 shows, we’re betting you’ll feel restless. Sitting around on your couch and doing nothing is the last thing these shows will inspire you to do. And it’s not the storyline or even the characters that will get you going – it’s all about the setting! The backdrops to these series present some of the world’s most stunning scenery. From popular holiday towns to historic landmarks and exotic landscapes, these 5 TV shows will have you itching the bite from the travel bug!

1. The Affair

Sign In Montauk Point Light, Lighthouse, Long Island, New York, Suffolk

Set in the popular vacation town of Montauk, Long Island, the show The Affair is a semi-dark drama about infidelity and deep emotional pain, but you can’t help feeling envious of the location in which these unfortunate souls live. When it isn't the holiday-making summer season, Montauk is a sleepy, quiet, laid-back place. The beach town and the surrounding area boast some gorgeous east coast scenery. Rugged beaches, wind-swept cliffs, centuries-old lighthouses, and sprawling ocean views with crashing waves typically make appearances in every episode of The Affair. Downtown Montauk is also super quaint with small boutiques and fish restaurants that have the potential to be pretentious - but are far from it.

2. Game of Thrones

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

This fantasy series of exiled dynasties, family feuds, and intertwined romances has enough to keep you entertained with the storyline alone. However, with filming locations all over in the world in places like Croatia, Northern Ireland, Canada, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the U.S., you’d better believe you’ll be feeling wanderlust-y after a few episodes. Dubrovnik's Old City – also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – has been the filming location for the King’s Landing for the last few seasons. You could easily travel to some of the world’s most desirable locations while ticking off places on your Games of Thrones bucket list!

3. Portlandia

Powell's Bookstore

There’s something about Portlandia that’ll get you itching to visit the northwest coast of the U.S. Portlandia showcases the funky hipness of America’s famously quirky city. But there’s nothing strange at all about these pokey bookshops, unique concert venues, and original eateries. They’re attractive, endearing, and best of all, different from the norm. These are the 3 things that Portland has built its reputation on, and we can see why people would be drawn to such an open-minded and laid-back place. While Portlandia will have you in stitches as you follow the varying stories of the ever-changing pair of characters, it also does a great job of exposing all of Portland’s glory.

4. Bloodline

Islamorada, Florida

A thriller series centered around family drama, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and murder. Doesn’t sound like a setting for white sandy beaches, enticing turquoise water, and peacefully swaying palm trees does it? But that’s exactly what you’ll get while watching the dark drama unfold on Bloodline. Set in the always-stunning Florida Keys, this show’s primary location is the gorgeous Islamorada. You’ll be enthralled with the developing and complex storyline, while simultaneously planning a trip to this pristine paradise.

5. Outlander

Aerial shot of Doune Castle

The hopeless romantic won’t be able to stop themselves from falling hard for Outlander – mostly due to the whimsical backdrop of Scottish countryside. This sci-fi series follows a woman who accidentally time travels back into 18th-century Scotland. Ancient castles, cathedrals, and Scotland’s iconic standing stones are just some of the classic landmarks included in the show’s setting. As she tries to survive in a dangerous new world and find a way home, the sweeping greenery of the Scottish Highlands (and that charming accent!) will have you wishing you could trade places with the leading lady.

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