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Spread out across cities and time zones, the Discoverer team is always getting ready for our next adventure. But whether we're hitting the road on an epic road trip or hopping on a 10-hour flight across the ocean, there are a few things we can't travel without. Here are our travel favorites that we always make sure we bring along on our journeys.

Running Shoes

"The first thing I do when I arrive in a new destination is go for a run in the neighborhood where I'm staying. This is the best way to get a feel for the place and orient myself. I always bring a good pair of running shoes that holds up to sidewalks and cobblestone streets. For urban running, those are my ASICS." —Kerry Houghton, President

Reusable Water Bottle

"I always need to hydrate when I travel, both on the plane and at my end destination. I used to buy plastic water bottles in the airport each time I flew, but it was costly and wasteful. Now I just throw my Hydroflask into my backpack and fill it up on the go. " —Kellie Coppola, Editor in Chief

Wrinkle Release Spray

"Whenever I travel I have to bring wrinkle spray. I always forget that my nice clothing is going to be wrinkled from traveling and I never leave myself enough time to iron. This stuff works great, because you just spray, smooth out the wrinkles, and you're good to go. Plus, you can get a travel-sized bottle to throw in any carry-on." —Mike Newman, Managing Editor

Fresh Pillowcase

"I love packing a freshly-washed pillowcase from home whenever I travel. It's a nice comfort to be able to sleep on something that smells like home, and can be a real help if the hotel pillowcases aren't the best." —Diana Gerstacker, Visual Content Curator

Essential Oils

"Travel is stressful and between smelly buses and stuffy planes, it doesn't always smell great. I have to travel with essential oils. This kit from doTERRA includes six scents that you can roll on whenever you need a boost." —Olivia Rolf, Campaign Manager

Magnetic Phone Holder

"If I'm driving on the trip, a magnetic phone holder is invaluable.  It's very compact for luggage and fits in almost any car's vent. It helps me stay safe while trying to navigate in a new city." —Jason Tsang, Data BI Analyst

Google Maps Offline

"Getting lost in a new city has a certain charm, but not when you're trying to find something in particular. Google Maps offline has been a lifesaver. You can download whole city maps ahead of time (while you still have your regular WiFi) and use it even when your phone doesn't have data." —Jake Jensen, Content Manager

Ear Plugs and Melatonin

"You never know if your hotel is going to have a raging rooftop bar that's open until 5am when you need to be awake to catch a bus or flight the next morning (true story). Ear plugs and melatonin are my go-to items that ensure I get a good night's sleep, no matter where I am." —Caroline Kennedy,  Sales & Partnerships Coordinator

Away Suitcase

"My Away suitcase helps me stay way more organized! Forget the days when my suitcase looked more like my laundry basket. Now I travel Marie Kondo style." —Trina Parkin, Senior Lead Designer

Wool Throw

"I always pack my pashmina throw. It's light and warm. You never know how cold they will crank the AC on your flight or when the weather will turn on you." —Sylvia Baptista, Director of Email Deployment and Strategy

Packing Cubes

"There is no better way to keep your small items organized than a packing cube. It is amazing how many items you can fit into a cube. If you are doing a multi-destination trip it also helps separate your clean gear from the dirty so you can stay fresh while you travel around." —Jake Smith, Director of Project Management

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