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The most important thing you can bring with you on your travels is music - aside from clothes, an I.D. and maybe some cash. But music is essential for long flights and boring layovers. Music has the ability to share ideas, culture, and inspire discovery - and the perfect travel song should do just that.

While each culture is unique and different, it seems that music is one thing that can unite us all. We've put together a collection of music to inspire your travel! Nothing is better than having the perfect playlist to get you through that 4-hour layover. Enjoy!

Waka Waka - Shakira

This song, which served as the soundtrack for the 2010 World Cup, makes the perfect track to get you in the travel mood. This bouncy latin-inspired track is one of the biggest songs of all time for the most popular sport in the world and sung by one of the world’s greatest international pop stars - what more could you ask for?

Indian Summer - Jai Wolf

This song is lyrically minimal, but something about this song really triggers our travel bug. So much so that it serves as the soundtrack for The Discoverer Launch video!

Castle On The Hill (SEEB Remix) - Ed Sheeran

If you have heard the original version song before - and let’s be honest, you have because it’s Ed Sheeran - you probably know this song is an anthem to return home and relive all of the experiences that has made him into the man he is today. Now, that may seem counterintuitive in terms of a travel playlist, but something about the arrangement that SEEB lays down on this track does nothing but force me to get out and go explore!

Big Girls Cry (Odesza Remix) - Sia

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how is a song about big girls crying going to motivate me to get out and discover? The original arrangement of this piece does indeed have a more somber vibe to it, but Odesza’s reimagination of this beautiful song by Sia gives the track new life - adding in dramatic cadences and taking the song to entirely new dimensions. By far, this is my number one pick for your travel playlist.

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