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Anyone who's been on a plane, train, or automobile in late November knows that Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year to travel. That's especially true this year, as Airlines for America is projecting a record 31.6 million passengers over the 12 days from the Friday before Thanksgiving until the Monday after. Sunday, December 1 in particular is set to be the single busiest day ever for the U.S. airline industry, with 3.1 million people expected to fly home after the holiday.

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The numbers are a 3.7% increase over last year, which may not sound like much until you remember that it's a difference of more than one million people. “The popularity of air travel continues to soar this holiday season, as airlines and airports alike continue to invest billions of dollars into improving the quality of the experience and the efficiency of their operations,” said John Heimlich, A4A Vice President and Chief Economist.


More numbers that will have you arriving to the airport especially early: 2.96 million passengers are expected this Friday, November 22, with a further 2.98 million next Wednesday, November 27 (the day before Thanksgiving); an average of 93,000 more daily travelers are expected than last year, causing airlines to operate 859 more flights per day than in 2018. The holiday itself will be one of the lightest travel days of the year, as is custom.

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