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So, you’re a self-proclaimed extrovert — the life and soul of the party, the person people come to when they’re looking for a good time. You’re probably not going to feel satisfied with a solitary break in the Australian Outback or a humble hiking vacation in the Scottish Highlands. But where do you go? Here’s our handy little guide to the best travel destinations for extroverts.

Ibiza, Spain

ibiza nightclub
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There are few places where you can truly let loose and indulge your extrovert self than the party capital of Europe. While the weather is balmy year-round, most head to the Balearic island between spring and summer when it bursts into life. By night, you can hit one of the super clubs like Amnesia or Pacha. By day you can nurse your hangover on one of the magnificent strips of golden sand, float around your hotel pool on lilos or nab a spot on one of the catamaran booze cruises along the rocky Ibizan coastline. Repeat for the remainder of the vacation.

Miami, United States

Ocean Drive, Miami at sunset
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Flashy Miami is the playground for the extrovert. Under the Florida sun, you can spend your days on the achingly beautiful Miami beach. As the melting orange sunset drops behind the horizon, you can hit up neon-lit Ocean Drive which teems with funky clubs and bars. This is the place to go big or go home. Throw in some eye-catching Art Deco builds, some serious 80’s pop culture and more sports cars than you’d see in Miami Vice, and you’ve just found the extrovert’s happy place. Complete with a white suit wrapped around a Hawaiian shirt. Move aside, Tony Montana.

Tokyo, Japan

Billboards in Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho district, Tokyo, Japan
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Dizzying, memorizing, confusing – Tokyo is everything you always hoped it would be. Nab a bite to eat in a tiny backstreet sushi joint, drink sake while singing in a karaoke bar with Japanese businessmen, catch the latest Manga flick and try not to be blinded by the extraordinary number of neon lights. This is a place to get lost in a sea of bustling action and truly discover your inner extrovert. If all else fails, grab a seat in the New York Bar (featured in Bill Murray’s “Lost in Translation”) and linger over Japanese whiskeys while you look down at the chaos below.


Royce Phantom VIII 8, in port with city and Yachts at background. Monte Carlo, monaco
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I wonder how many people have strolled into one of the lavish Monacan bars and asked for a martini shaken not stirred? Many, I suspect. Movie-inspired cocktails are not the only way to feel like James Bond in Monaco. Hurtle (safely of course) through the hilly historic streets in a sports car, throw your chips on the table in one of the extravagant casinos, give your credit card a serious bruising in the designer shops or, for those with the deepest pinstripe pockets, charter a yacht and kick back while your skipper negotiates the spectacular coastline.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Samba School parade in Sambodromo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Rio de Janeiro is famously hedonistic year-round but reaches fever pitch during the February Carnival when it explodes into one big riotous street party. This is the largest celebration on Earth. By a long shot. While this is undoubtedly an introvert’s worst nightmare, for the extrovert, there is nowhere quite like it. Score tickets for the extravagant Samba parades, join one of the bloco street parties and drink your body weight in caipirinhas.

Manthura, India

People throw colors to each other during the Holi celebration at Krishna temple
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One of the world’s great festivals, Holi sees India become even more colorful than it already is. While you’ll have fun anywhere, the epicenters are Manthura and Vrindavan. It will be cramped, it will be lively, and you will do irreversible damage anything you are wearing, but it’ll be a whole lot of fun. Get your cheapest white t-shirt on and head out into the cloud of colorful powder which fills every street. Just leave your camera at home or prepare to make a hefty insurance claim.

Las Vegas, United States

Musical fountains at Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
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You know the old saying. I complete this list of extrovert-friendly travel destinations with the king — Las Vegas. There is nowhere on Earth quite like it. It’s not just about blowing your cash in the casinos. You can revel in the extravagant excess of it all. Catch the latest show, shop till you drop, dine in some of the world’s most prestigious celebrity-owned restaurants or party in one of the thumping clubs. Oh, and try to come back a winner.

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