The Best Caribbean Island for Every Kind of Traveler


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Travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes time to choose where they'll go on a Caribbean vacation. With sparkling shores and tropical interiors, islands like Barbados and Jamaica can almost run together with their paradise offerings. But each island has something unique to offer. To make your planning easier, here's your guide to the best Caribbean island for every kind of traveler.

The Romantic: Saint Lucia

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Few places are as inherently romantic as Saint Lucia. From its natural splendor to its breathtaking views and relaxing pace of life, the Eastern Caribbean getaway will make you fall in love, if you aren't already. Hike vegetation-covered mountains by day and relax with a cocktail and a sunset view by night. Hop from black sand beaches to sparkling white beaches, and even discover the world's only drive-in volcano. And if you really want to treat your significant other, check into Sandals Grande St. Lucian. Nestled between Rodney Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, this resort's mile-long beach is among the most beautiful on the island.

The Adventurer: Exumas, the Bahamas

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More than 365 cays make up the Exumas, which is one of the most secluded archipelagos in the Caribbean. Whether you're swimming with pigs or diving through some of the clearest water in the world, there's tons of activity to keep you occupied (without the cruise ship crowds, we might add). Slip over to Great Exuma, which lives up to its name by being the chain's biggest island, to get the best of all worlds. Stay at Sandals Emerald Bay which boasts a mile-long private beach of its own. Also on offer are kayaks, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing and stunning scenic golf course along the water.

The Beach Bum: Barbados

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Let's talk beaches. If sandy shores and ocean breezes are what's drawing you to the Caribbean, then you'll want to head straight to Barbados. For such a small island, this spot is packed with long stretches of the softest sand in the world. The island itself offers countless sights, from Harrison's Cave and Hunte's Gardens to Carlisle Bay and Animal Flower Cave, but there's nothing quite like finding a spot on the beach and simply basking in the sun for a few hours (or days). If all you want to do is post up with an umbrella and tropical drink, you can find your paradise at Sandals Royal Barbados, an all-inclusive resort that takes care of everything else so you can post up on the sand and never leave.  

The Luxuriant: Jamaica

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Known to some as the home of Bob Marley and a certain bobsled team, Jamaica may just be the lushest island in the Caribbean. If you're looking to treat yourself to the best in food, private beaches, and luxury resorts, then this is the island for you. The fact that peacocks roam the grounds of Sandals Royal Caribbean should be enough to capture your interest, but if it's not, the croquet, water sports, and private offshore island will. Snag your own overwater bungalow and let visions of azure waves take you away.

The Night Owl: Grenada

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Known as the Spice Isle thanks to the many nutmeg plantations on its hills, Grenada has long been famous for its colorful buildings. Less well known but just as relevant for potential visitors is its bustling nightlife, with spots like Fantazia, the Dodgy Dock, and Club Bananas keeping the party going well past some people's bedtime. After the revelry, you can rest your head at Sandals Grenada and wake up to one of the resort's many amazing pools, some of which have living rooms in them.

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