5 Solo Trips To Take For Valentine’s Day


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It’s officially 2018, the year of YOU! The year of unapologetic self-love, take-no-prisoners ambition, and general ass-kicking. As New Year’s fades into the rearview, pops of pink and purple can be found on every corner.

You’re single and absolutely owning Valentines Day. You’re leaving the foil-wrapped heart candies and stuffed teddy bears for something a little bit more adventurous. Dust off your passport and check out these V-day destinations that are sure to enchant.

1. Singapore
February in Singapore marks the beginning of their travel season, and since the masses haven’t quite arrived, accommodations are still fairly cheap. February 16th is Chinese New Year and Singapore does not mess around when it comes to celebrating this holiday. Fireworks, live music, and fresh baked Ong Lai (pineapple tart) will occupy your time and bring you good luck in all of your 2018 endeavors.

2. Costa Rica
Ditch the winter chill and head down to Costa Rica for some well-deserved warmth and relaxation. February in Costa Rica is a decadent 70-80 degrees and sunny following the end of monsoon season. Rushing waterfalls and tropical vegetation make lacing up for some exercise irresistible. Nature, top-notch hotels, spas, and beaches add up to the perfect recipe for some perfect "me" time.

3. Tuscany
Get under the the Tuscan sun and live your best Diane Lane life. As if the delicious food and wine pairings weren’t enough, you’ll be drooling over the views this magnificent destination offers. Group and private tours are available so whether you’re looking to bring your favorite book or meet some like-minded individuals, there is truly something for every wine lover in Tuscany.

4. Montreal
Montreal is a true winter wonderland, sparkling under a coat of fresh February snow. Winter hotels guarantee a luxurious place to warm up and unwind after a long day of exploring the city. We're talking cozy fireplaces and gorgeous city views. Food, art, and music thrive alongside ski slopes that are heavenly for any adventurous snow bunny.

5. Port Douglas
February in Australia is the middle of the summer, and while the big cities are buzzing with activity, the small town of Port Douglas can be drowned out by the noise. Port Douglas doesn’t have to fight for the spotlight, but instead lets its pristine beaches, collection of trendy restaurants, and delightful small-town-charm and big-city-amenities do the talking. The coastal town is just a stone's throw from the magnificent Great Barrier Reef and the friendly locals are guaranteed to make a solo traveler feel like family.

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