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You've seen it on your Instagram feed or on the cover of your favorite travel magazine. Santorini - that magical island in the heart of the Aegean sea. This crescent-shaped volcanic rock is a mandatory bullet point on everyone's bucket list. Famous for its cliffside homes painted blazing blue and white, insanely beautiful beaches, and panoramic sunsets, it’s easy to see why over 1.5 million people visit every year.

If you're finally making your Greek island dreams come true, check out these 6 must-do's when visiting Santorini for the first time.

Hunt for the Best Sunset Spot

The sunset in Santorini is legendary. So much so, that people travel from all over the world just to see that yellow ball of light sink below the horizon. At this hour of the day in Santorini, the peach-pink sky contrasts the white caldera-edge villages and the deep blue sea, creating a scene that is, for lack of a better term, magical. Finding the best place to watch this phenomenon is almost as fun as actually watching it. Oia and Fira are classic places to post up and watch, but there are plenty of other places scattered around the island that offer impeccable views.


Wine Tasting

Santorini is home to some of the world’s best wineries, so a wine tasting tour is unmissable. The volcanic soil on the island produces some of the richest white wines in the world, and the vineyards are often paired with gorgeous caldera views. Complement your wine parade with some traditional Greek cuisine and you’ve got yourself an incredible afternoon.

4-Wheel Adventures!

Santorini is notorious for their 4-wheeler rentals that allow you to explore every inch of the island. The small villages will include a lot of walking but if you're looking for that adrenaline rush, then renting a quad is the way to go. Either schedule a day of exploration through your hotel or go rogue and explore on your own. One tip, if you plan to be out late to see the sunset, bring a coat! It can get pretty chilly once the sun goes down.


Hotel Relaxing

If your budget allows for it, we highly recommend you book your stay at one of the incredible hotels found on the caldera. With millions of people visiting throughout the year, these residences are the most coveted, so the prices are higher than the average hostel. Santorini is filled with more affordable lodgings but spending a little extra can get you a gorgeous view, private patio, and luxurious infinity pool.

Vamos a la Playa!

The beaches found in Santorini are next-level. From Red Beach (Akrotiri) to Black Beach (Perissa) to Santorini’s White Beach (Vlychada), there is no shortage in beach time here. Across the board, each beach is as good as the next. We suppose the only hard part of choosing which beach to go to is deciding what color you’re feeling that day!


Bring A Camera!

This is by far the most important tip of all! Santorini is one of the most photogenic locations in the world so you better have your camera phone at the ready! No matter where you are on this iconic island, you can find plenty of moments you'll want to snap. So go ahead, snap that pic! And don’t forget to tag The Discoverer!

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