This Rental Car Accessory Is Also Useful Around the House

Our Backpack

Our Backpack

We've previously identified a handful of inexpensive products that you should always keep in your suitcase for use in a rental car. But assuming that suitcase is going to stay in the closet for awhile, you should probably go ahead and pull out that magnetic dash mount.

Magnetic Dash Mount

2-Pack Magnetic Vent Mounts | $8

The obvious place to put your rental car smartphone mount to use would your car. But you almost certainly already have one already installed in your vehicle, and if not, it's worth installing a wireless charging phone mount like this one from Anker.

But the mount that you bought for rental car use? You can easily use it around the house while you're stuck at home. All you have to do is pop it onto the back of your phone, and it acts as an instant kickstand.

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Watching a movie on your phone and getting sick of holding it? Slap on a car mount to prop it up. Doing some work around the house, but want to keep an eye on the news? It'll turn your phone into a portable TV. Using your phone as a recipe book in the kitchen? The mount will even stick to the side of your fridge, so it's always close by to prop up your device on the counter.

It's the same principle as this Spigen pop-out kickstand, which we also love, but it's something you should already own.

Beyond the Vent Mount

Of course, magnetic car mounts require you to keep a magnetic plate inside your phone case or attached to the back of your phone, and there's no reason why you should only use that magnet with a single accessory.

Photo by Superone

This tabletop magnetic mount is like a minimal, floating phone stand. Just set it on your desk, or on your kitchen counter, or on the floor while you do yoga, pop your phone onto the magnetic disc, and swivel it for the best view.

Photo by VAVA

This tiny mount from VAVA is similar, but even more low profile, You'll need to affix it into place on your nightstand or in your home office with the included 3M adhesive pad, but once you do, you'll have a semi-permanent, nearly invisible stand for your phone.


And while I haven't used it myself, this mount from CLUTCHIT features magnetic discs on both ends, so you can stick low-profile magnets all around your house, and move the swiveling mount around as you please. If you've already attached the magnet that came with your rental car mount to your phone, it'll work just as well with in-home accessories like these.

Eventually, that vent mount you bought for rental car use will need to go back into your suitcase, and that'll be a happy day indeed. But in the meantime, it can be an inexpensive way to make your homebound life just a little bit easier.

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