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Traveling is no longer an excuse to look disheveled. Have no fear, athleisure is in and here to stay, but so are high quality cameras and photos that will make your vacation last a lifetime. Here are a list of travel beauty products that will leave you glowing and fresh, even on those long layovers.

1. Eye Gel for Dark Circles - $23.95

This under eye cream banishes dark circles and is capable of tricking people into thinking that getting rest on planes is actually possible.

2. Healing Face Serum - $19.99

This serum works absolute magic on any previous sun damage and can be mixed with your daily sunscreen to make up for past sunburns while also helping prevent future damage.

3. The Best Makeup Remover Wipes - $6.27

Melt off your makeup with these cult-following Neutrogena wipes. They’re perfect on the go when you may not have a sink at your disposal (oh the things we take for granted.)

4. H2O Hydrating Mist - $15.41

Bring this H2o hydrating face mist for any winter wonderland destination you’ve been dying to see. It will deeply moisturize your skin and leave you glowing.

5. Oil Absorbing Blotting Sheets - $18.39 for pack of 3

Use these thin sheets to dab any oily patches that develop during the day! The tiny pack will easily fit in your wallet or purse and it won’t take off your makeup.

6. Makeup Setting Spray - $5.59

Speaking of keeping your makeup in place, this NYX setting spray will mattify and make your makeup last forever. Just spray it on over your powder and stay contoured all day.

7. Travel Cosmetic Makeup Bag - $10.99

This makeup bag is an absolute game changer. Simply lay it flat on your bathroom counter, stack all of your favorite products on it, and pull the drawstring shut! You’ll be able to unzip it at your destination and find your tweezers at a glance.

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