A Journey Along Iceland's Ring Road

Iceland Travel Tales

Discoverers Nick and Aly hit the pavement in Iceland, exploring the treasures along the mythical Ring Road. From breathtaking glaciers to icy beaches, we caught up with them to hear about their favorite discoveries from the trip.

We decided to go to Iceland because of its beautiful scenery and natural wonders. From the Northern Lights to its amazing waterfalls and natural hot springs, we knew it would be an adventure like no other.


Iceland has seen a lot of change in recent years. With the rise of social media and sharing platforms such as Instagram, tourists are flocking from all corners of the globe. I guess we just wanted to experience it for ourselves while it still felt wild.


One of the highlights of the trip was just the freedom of exploring the Ring Road. Everyday we would wake up with a new place to discover. Although a lot of research went into the trip, there was really no fixed agenda. We had an idea of where we’d start and end each day, but what happened in between was up in the air.


Some of our favourite moments included hiking Glymur Foss on the west coast. Watching the Northern Lights drift over our camp on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Exploring the little coffee shops in Akureyri. Driving the scenic east fjords might have been a personal favorite for me. It's a breathtaking place that really feels far removed from the well worn south coast. It’s a shame most visitors don’t make it there as it was some of our favourite landscapes.


One of the ways we made our trip affordable was by mixing Airbnbs with a couple nights of camping. We found the ideal combination to be 2 nights of camping for every 1 night at an Airbnb. You can even go cheaper and camp the whole time while you're there, but that’s what worked for us.


One of the perks of camping is being able to experience the country first hand. We loved waking up on remote black sand beaches to the sound of waves crashing. Of course, one of the issues you may encounter with this is the weather. A few nights we ended up sleeping in the car due to the heavy rainfall. The trick is just to be prepared for the worst. A campervan may be ideal if conditions are looking particularly bad!


All our Airbnbs were private rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen area. The hosts were really welcoming and many even provided us with a little breakfast in the morning!


As for food, we only ate out twice due to restaurants being fairly expensive. For the most part, we did groceries and cooked our own meals. We kept breakfast simple with cereal and muffins, and lunches and dinners consisted of sandwiches and pasta. We brought our own refillable water bottles since the drinking water is clean in Iceland and you can even fill it up at one of the many waterfalls you’ll drive by.


It’s safe to say that even the best photos don’t do Iceland justice. We would encourage everyone to get out and experience it first hand!

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