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Whether it's a sunset stroll along an empty beach or dangling out of a helicopter over a bustling European metropolis, Hayley Vincent's (@hayley_) adventures never cease to amaze and inspire. It seems there are few places around the globe she hasn't stopped through, though she still finds destinations to add to her bucket list. She always manages to capture the perfect shot, so it's no wonder she's one of our favorite Discoverers!

Tell us about yourself - where you live now, what you do for fun and a unique fact?

I live in Bali at the moment but I’m from South West London. For fun I love to sweat it out at the gym or go on long hikes up mountains. I am a very active person, I find it hard to sit in one place for a long time, even at the beach I can only stay for an hour before wanting to get up and explore or work out!

What country is on the top of your bucket list?

Sri Lanka. I’ve wanted to go for so so long, due to how beautiful it looks and how unique it is. The scenery is meant to be breathtaking, along with the beaches and there are many different hikes to do. I’ve heard the people are lovely and very welcoming. I also love elephants so I know Sri Lanka is the place to go to see them!

What travel apps can you not live without?

xCurrency, it converts 5 currencies at a time and it's so quick and easy to use. Happycow, shows you restaurants nearby that have vegan/vegetarian options. And of course Google Translate. I go to many different countries that don't speak English so it's easy and worthwhile downloading this app.

What's the most off the beaten path place that you’ve visited?

What's the most rewarding travel experience you’ve had?

Releasing a bunch of baby turtles into the sea in Mexico. It was such a fascinating experience, to help the innocent and helpless animals into the wild to start their life. Definitely something I want to do again!

What destination would you travel to just for the food?

Mexico! I love everything Mexican and obviously they make THE best guacamole, not to mention the tequila!!

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