Never Lose Your Keys (Or Your Luggage) With Keysmart Pro

Our Backpack

Our Backpack

Tile has been the Bluetooth tracker brand to beat since day one, and they’ve significantly improved their products over time, with waterproofing, longer distance operation, and most important by far, replaceable batteries. But the opportunity to build Tile’s technology directly into rechargeable products from partner brands has always been far more exciting than the brand’s titular trackers, and there’s no better implementation of that than the Keysmart Pro.

Keysmart Pro | $50

The most essential piece of everyday carry ever made; the best keychain ever—I’m willing to throw a lot of superlatives the way of the Keysmart Pro. Setup of the Pro is as simple as unscrewing a few flat heads, adding your keys, and pairing with your phone. The Pro includes a bottle opener and LED flashlight, and can hold up to 10 keys, and while I’ve long since forgotten what it’s like to carry car keys around living in New York City, there’s a loop for that fob as well. While you can of course use the app to track down your lost keys, you can also use the button on your keys to “ring” your phone.

My keys end up in my checked bag, carry-on, or messenger bag whenever I’m traveling, which means that without even thinking about it, I’ve got Tile tracking in whichever one they land in. The biggest downside of the Pro is that it hasn’t made the jump to USB-C charging, but the battery is good enough that I never need to bring a micro-USB cable on a trip solely for this purpose.

At $50, the Keysmart Pro should be hovering around impulse territory for anyone who frequently loses their keys, and it makes a great gift or stocking stuffer as well. When I got mine years ago, white was the only colorway available, and that “rose gold” option (which is really a dusty rose) has been taunting me ever since.

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