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If your goal for your next vacation is to return with lots of impressive travel photos in hand, we don’t blame you. After all, photos are a special form of memories and it doesn’t hurt to keep that Instagram feed looking nice either. But do you ever stop and think about helpful photo accessories as you’re packing your suitcase or do you just head off with nothing more than your iPhone in hand? You can spice up your travel photos by using this packing list before your next trip.

Lume Cube

If you find yourself needing better light than your phone camera can provide, the Lume Cube can help. This Bluetooth LED light has 10 brightness settings, so you can choose the best one for any photograph. It works with DSLRs, drones, and smartphones and is both waterproof and rechargeable.


Tripods have several benefits. They help keep your camera or phone still, give you time to carefully compose your shot instead of snapping at random, and are a great method for taking pictures of yourself with a self-timer if no one else is around to take the shot. If you’re worried about taking up space in your suitcase or backpack, don’t be. Most tripods, like the AOKA Compact Carbon Fiber Tripod, are collapsible and very lightweight.



Nothing says travel like a map. Stop into a local bookstore or the closest truck stop to find a map of the area you’re visiting. In an age where navigation is almost 100% digital, a paper map is not only practical, but it can serve as a fun photo prop.

New Lenses

Jazz up photos taken on your phone with some new lenses. The olloclip CORE lens has several lens options — fisheye, super-wide, and macro — that can be used for both the front and back cameras on your phone. With this lens, you can take some different styles of images by choosing to either feature a wider landscape or get up close and personal with your subject.



You’ll most likely be packing sunglasses anyway and they can double as a fabulous photo prop, especially if you’re going to the beach or taking an island vacation. Take a picture of the glasses by themselves (artfully propped on the sand next to your passport, for example) with a scenic background or on your face. Later, play around with editing and try to get a cool reflection effect in the lens.


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Do a little digging before you leave to search out props that go along with your location. If you’re visiting patriotic locations in Washington D.C., pack a small American flag. A visit to Texas lends itself to spurs and a cowboy hat. Heading to England? The Union Jack or miniature of a red phone booth would help distinguish your location from the other rolling hills in the U.K.

Camera Remote

Get yourself in the frame by using a Bluetooth remote control. The CamKix remote control, for example, is an affordable option that works with a wide range of devices (both Android and iPhone) to let you take selfies or group shots hands-free. The remote can be kept in your pocket and has a wrist strap too. The Bluetooth technology will even sync with your phone or tablet if it’s 30 feet away.

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