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Hydro Flask makes some of the best (and best-looking) vacuum insulated drinkware and soft coolers out there, and the brand just kicked off one of its most wide-ranging sales that we've ever seen.

Dozens of Hydro Flask tumblers, bottles, flasks, and caps are 25% off right now, and if you scroll further down the page, you can save a full 50% on a handful of soft coolers and slings. Just note that only certain colors for each item are included in the sale (they're clearly marked on each product page), and you won't see the discount until you get to your checkout screen.

Notably, the sale includes a bunch of gear that would be great for a picnic while the weather's nice, including vacuum insulated wine bottles and wine glasses, metal koozies, and soft-sided coolers that would make great picnic baskets.

It's worth noting that since 2017, Hydro Flask's Parks For All charity has donated over $1.5 million and over 26,000 bottles to support non-profits that maintain our public spaces, so a portion of your purchase will go towards keeping our country beautiful.

25-50% Off Select Items | Hydro Flask | Free shipping with code RAPIDSHIP20

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