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Europe can be the vacation of a lifetime, but as you’re getting ready to head out, it can also be overwhelming trying to figure out what to pack. Wondering about which clothes, accessories and gear are must-haves for your European vacation? Here are a few things you should make sure are in your bag.

Solid Colored Shirts

Every bag should have a few solid cotton shirts to use as a base layer for your travels. Spice them up with a hat or scarf, throw them on over a swimsuit or pair them with fun shorts. Solid t-shirts are versatile to go with any outfit, easy to wash and you can get multiple uses out of them. For women, Madewell has some high-quality options in multiple colors. And if you're a guy and you just want something simple, check out the crew shirts from Everlane.


Temperatures can rise in the summer, especially if you're heading to the sunny Mediterranean. Stay cool with a pair of colorful shorts that are still stylish. For men, check out the comfortable Stretch Breaker Shorts from Vineyard Vines. Smart and contemporary, not to mention stretchy and comfortable, these shorts come in a variety of colors so you can add some style to your trip. And women should try these high-waisted Dominika Shorts  that are perfect for the urban explorer.

Sun Hat

Keep the sun off your face whether you're on the beach or strolling an Italian piazza. Karu’s Flynn Hat is stylish and sophisticated, but also practical. This adjustable straw boater hat comes in two colors, black and “natural” (which is a beige shade). It’s an affordable and high-quality option to consider as you plan your European wardrobe for this summer.

Stylish Tote

Travel like the French with a Longchamp tote bag. These water-resistant totes come in a variety of colors so you'll match any outfit you wear. Pack your sunscreen and a water bottle on your exploration of Venice or slip a few snacks in there for your picnic in a Paris park. Stylish and roomy, it's the perfect carry-on for your long flight as well.

Travel Umbrella

This is one area where you don’t want to take a chance, because it will rain — so pack an umbrella now to save yourself a headache (and a set of wet clothes) later. This travel umbrella is an excellent choice for traveling; it’s small enough to keep in your purse. It’s also durable and windproof, able to stand up to even 60 mph winds. Finally, the umbrella takes just one click to open and close, so you can operate it with one hand if you’re also juggling an armful of souvenirs.


For Europe, you need a camera outside of simply your phone, and we have just the one: the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS. It’s a point-and-shoot camera with a 40x optical zoom that can capture 1080p HD video with stereo sound. Even better, the camera has built-in Wifi so you can easily share pictures and videos.

Maxi Dress

Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful while walking down European streets? A maxi dress has a big advantage over a sundress — many cathedrals, mosques and churches don’t allow your shoulders or knees to show, so wearing a maxi dress will ensure you’re ready for anywhere you might want to visit. Something like this short sleeve V-neck maxi wrap dress from Target can keep you feeling beautiful and able to enter anywhere you’d like.

Comfortable Shoes

Europe requires a lot of walking, so pack some comfortable shoes to be prepared. For guys, these Sperry boat shoes should do the trick. Made of leather, they’re stain- and water-resistant; they also give you extra traction, so you won’t slip on wet pavement. For women, pick between comfortable Allbirds Wool Runners or stylish pair of sandals, like Naot Women's Sabrina Flat Sandal.


Surprisingly, many people forget to bring along a bathing suit and towel — but if you’ll be in Europe during the summer, they’re a must (think blue oceans in Greece, beautiful waterfalls in Croatia or simply the hot tub at your hotel). For women, consider a high-neck bikini for a cute and comfortable option. Guys, check out the VacationLand Stretch Swim Trunks from L.L. Bean.

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