Gifts to Start Buying Travelers for the Holidays

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The best gifts are unique, thoughtful, and show the recipient how much you really care. As we draw closer to the holiday season, it's time to start getting a jump on all those presents you have to buy. Here are a few great gifts to stock up for the avid travelers in your life to take with them as they wander the globe.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Traveling usually means staying pretty active, so keep your traveler hydrated with a handy collapsible water bottle that will fit snugly into your loved one's luggage. This Hydaway Collapsible Bottle flattens and can easily fit into backpacks, purses, and even pockets. It’s easy to pack and will help your traveler feel environmentally conscious while on the go.

Passport Wallet

Organization is key while traveling. When you have to keep track of your passport, ID, credit cards, plane tickets, and everything else, it can be overwhelming. Help your friend avoid theft or disorganization by gifting them a super cute passport wallet that gathers everything into one place for stress-free travel.

Portable Charger

Make sure that your friend never loses photos to low battery life by giving your roaming photographer a portable charger. Models like this one from RAVPower have multiple USB outputs and lend a hand with the draining effect that adventures tend to have on phone and camera batteries. A good portable charger that’s lightweight and powerful can be a real blessing on long days or during trips where electricity is scarce.

Camera Lens Pen

Nobody likes a beautiful scene to be ruined by a smudgy lens. Give travelers in your life a lens pen to clean up their cameras without worrying about scratches. Easy to tuck in alongside their camera, this lens pen has a cleaning pad and soft, retractable brush that will keep photos dust and fingerprint-free.

Smartphone Lens

We all know someone who loves to take photos, but doesn’t own an expensive camera. Help them feel like more of a professional with an attachable smartphone lens. These lenses simply clip on over the phone’s existing lens and allow for increased magnification or width without sacrificing picture quality. Plus, their low cost and light weight mean they’re an easy piece of equipment to take along on travels.

Turkish Towel

For the beach-loving friend, these soft and stylish towels make a great gift. This versatile towel can travel back and forth between the pool and the spa, or could be brought along to dinner or a beach bonfire as a shawl or blanket on a chilly night. It’s also much lighter than a regular towel, so your loved one will never be stuck lugging around a heavy, damp bag.

Jewelry Case

Most women can attest to the fact that traveling with jewelry without letting it get tangled feels like an almost impossible task. Solve that problem for the bedazzled wanderer in your life by getting them a compact travel jewelry case from Mejuri to neatly store their earrings, bracelets, and necklaces without anything getting lost or tangled in transit.

Travel Cocktail Kit

Airline beverage options may be pretty basic, but the classy traveler in your life doesn’t have to be. Give them their very own travel cocktail kit, so they can transform a drab drink into a fabulous cocktail and travel in style. Travel cocktail kits are great for those who know that when you’re on vacation, there’s always time for a nice, relaxing drink.

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