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The Discoverer Team has been around the world a few times, picking up tips and tricks for surviving long layovers, delayed flights, and impromptu overnights in airport terminals. Now we're sharing our top buys to stay comfy during an extended airport trip.

S'well Water Bottle

"I never go anywhere without this water bottle. It keeps water cold on long flights, which means I never have to search for a flight attendant when I'm thirsty. It's perfect for layovers so I don't have to keep buying overpriced water bottles in the airport. Plus it stays with me in my backpack for those long days of exploring. ("Santorini" happens to be the bottle I'm using now)" -Nicholas Pardon, Founder

Crevo Geoff Boot

"These boots are super comfortable and they're easy to break in. I love to wear them when traveling, because I can hit the ground running on my next adventure as soon as I arrive." -Paul Butler, Operations Strategist

Gaiam OM Yoga Pants

"Whoever said yoga pants aren't pants never wore jeans on a 12 hour trans-Atlantic flight. These leggings are a lifesaver during an extra long travel day. They're comfy and stretchy for when I'm sitting on the floor at LAX (don't judge), and they're stylish enough that I can walk straight off the plane without worrying about changing in the airport bathroom." -Kellie Coppola, Editor

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

"It's comfortable, compact and soft as heck! I used to think travel pillows were kind of silly things, but on long flights and long layovers they are crucial! As long as I can stuff it in my backpack, I'll never leave home on a long journey without it again." -Victoria Stimple, Head of Marketing

CozyPhones Kids Headphones

"If you have kids over 18 months, this is an absolute must. They are really comfy for the kids and easy to put on and off. We bring it out whenever we travel so our son can look forward to wearing them." -Trina Parkin, Lead Designer

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

"You can't hear a thing with these on which is perfect when you're sitting in a loud airport for hours. I love them! But, you have to make sure you pay attention to your flight announcements, because you could easily miss them with these on." -Sean Devlin, Brand Manager

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