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We're continuing our Discovery series with our second video -- an exploration of Prague. From the chiming clock tower to the narrow back alleys, Prague hums with the rhythm of a medieval city turned modern. Go along with Discoverer Marco as he explores the heart of this beautiful city.

"The three days I spent in Prague, Czech Republic, were mindblowing. Prague was the country that appealed to me the most as it was the most economical Europe Getaway after Exams, and it didn't fail to disappoint. Despite the colder temperatures of January, it was still an amazing city with a fantastic and vibrant culture, where the uniqueness of every road and every building made it a magical place to visit. It was also extremely tourist friendly and the food, beer in particular, was simply amazing and cheap. It was such an inspiring city to film as every corner and street gave me a different perspective and told a different story. Here is Prague through my eyes!" - Marco Cardona

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