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There's something peaceful about Tom Kahler's photos. Maybe it's the lighting, the moody tones accentuating the natural wonders he shoots. Or maybe it's the subjects, quiet landscapes and lonely landmarks in vast, untouched wilderness. Either way, exploring his photo gallery inspires a sense of calm wonder, an awe of the world in which we live.

Tell us about yourself

My Name is Tom Kahler I'm a 23-year-old self-employed photographer specializing in outdoor and automotive photography. I live in Sheffield, England, my hometown, however I travel as much as possible. My goal is to spend 50% of the year traveling but have the stability of home and an office to concentrate on work. Aside from photography, I enjoy hiking, camping, climbing, and mountain biking. I also eat out a lot.

Looks like you've explored the whole of Iceland. What are the top spots you'd recommend to travelers?

Iceland will always have a special place in my heart. I first visited here March 2018 and I've been 4 times since, with more trips in the pipeline. Anyone who hasn't visited Iceland yet may not understand but this country is like a giant magnet which draws you in wanting to see more and more. Anyone planning to travel to Iceland my biggest advice would be to book a local tour — they may not be cheap but they allow you to experience the true Iceland and get to more remote, less busy tourist locations which are amazing. My favorite locations, Thórsmörk, Jökulsárlón, Stockness, Háifoss.

Which country surprised you the most in your travels?

Madeira has to be one of the most surprising and amazing locations I've visited. I knew it was beautiful but after a week exploring the whole island there wasn't a bad word to say or a corner of the island which isn't beautiful in its own way. It's so mysterious and there's lots to explore and discover from mountains floating around in the clouds to beautiful coastline. It's a mix of being in Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Avatar.

Are you a spontaneous traveler or do you like planning ahead?

I tend to have lots of ideas for future trips locations and places I want to visit, but when it comes down to fixing flights, accommodation and car rental it's always very last minute depending on work, friends, collaborations and most importantly weather. Some trips, such as Maderia last week, were actually booked the day before we went and accommodation can often be sourced and booked on the day. Doing things the last minute can add a little stress but also gives you more freedom. One of my aims for 2019 is to start planning some trips further in advance and having spontaneous trips in between.

Your shots are so stunning! Tell us about your style.

Glad you like my photos. I tend not to talk about gear too much as I believe the best shots come from locations, timing, planning and post editing. Taking the photo is only a small part of shooting good photos and it's probably the easiest part. Of course, gear can help but more epic locations will make a bigger difference. Before heading out and spending £10k on gear, evaluate if you need it or want it and only buy things you need. Spend the money on traveling instead. For those who are really interested in what gear I use I have a Canon 5dmkiv, 5d mkiii, IRIX 15mm F2.4 Blackstone, Canon 17-40mm F4, Sigma 35mm F1.4, Canon 50mm F1.2, Canon 100mm F2.8, Canon 70-200mm F2.8, DJI Mavic Pro.

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