This Kickstarter Project Might Be the Ultimate Travel Tee Shirt

Our Backpack

Our Backpack

Made from a unique blend of materials, CORI's new SuperTee checks every box you could want in a travel-friendly article of clothing, and you can save by preordering now through Kickstarter.

The Shirt that Travels With You

The CORI SuperTee is woven from a blend of eco-friendly marine collagen, soft pima cotton, and moisture-wicking micro modal, and the resulting fabric is unlike anything else I've ever felt on my body. The shirt feels cool to the touch when you put it on, and wicks sweat as well as anything else I've tried without feeling like a technical or workout shirt.

Most importantly for travelers though, the SuperTee is remarkably stain resistant. Liquids bead up and slide right off of it like it's made of glass, and anything pigment does seep into the fabric tends to come out easily with water. It's also anti-microbial by nature, and should still smell fresh after multiple wearings without washing, which can really be a boon if you're packing light. Its u-neck collar and fairly boxy fit aren't incredibly flattering (it runs a little large too, so consider going down a size), but for day-to-day wear while out hiking or urban exploring, it's as practical a shirt as you'll find.

You can preorder the SuperTee right now for about $40 U.S. (the prices on the campaign are listed in Singapore Dollars) in your choice of four colors, with an optional upgrade to long sleeves. Deliveries are expected in May, so you should have your tee in time for your summer vacation plans.

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