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Last year, I made my first trip to China and was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and diversity of this incredible land. As I traveled from city to countryside and back to city, my one regret was that my phone was not nearly enough to capture all the stunning vistas I encountered. Luckily, our friend Carmen Huter recently returned from her own exploration of China, and shared some pictures that blew us away. -Kellie, Editor

After exploring dozens and dozens of countries from the far east to the deep south, I still believe that China is one of the most underrated, adventure-worthy, and culturally intriguing places on earth. Its wild dynamics of sky-high mountains and history that will outdo any European tale make me want to return year after year. I’m not going to lie, it can also be wildly confusing, challenging and odd all at once, too. But that’s the beauty about travelling, right? I am a strong proponent of looking beyond the camera and not going somewhere solely to chase the shot. With that in mind, photography is both my passion and bread+butter, so here are some favorite impressions from a recent trip to the land of the dragon.


Once a hidden gem, this village in the South is quickly taking over Instagram (and Wechat). Can you see why?

Tiger Leaping Gorge

After hiking this beautiful trail by myself a few years ago, I couldn't wait to take my friend Krista (who is also behind the camera for my portraits) here. This time, we even found some secret pools, fed by Himalayan glaciers. Would you have jumped in?

Blue Moon Valley

Possibly one of my favourite valleys in all of China. Arrive early and take in all the serenity.


Like so many other places across China, Luoping feels entirely otherworldly. Every spring, the peripheries of this slightly shabby industrial town turn into a sea of yellow dreaminess. Bucket list material for sure!

Fenghuang and Yuanyang

The little town of Fenghuang served merely as a stopover to our next location, but I ended up falling in love with it. Tip: Pollution masks also help keep your face warm in subzero temperatures. :) Then we participated in Chinese New Year celebrations in Yuanyang, and I honestly couldn't think of a better place to do so. The villages around here are mostly untouched by mass tourism, which gives you a beautiful opportunity to experience China in all its facets.

Hong Kong

Albeit not part of China, Hong Kong has a special place in my heart. It's where I had my first ever photography exhibition, and while the fog took over most of the skyline, the cityscapes made for equally unique backdrops.

About the author: Carmen Huter | Adventurer. Photographer. Sunchaser. Follow her adventures on instagram at @carmenhuter!

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