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We hope you’re making the most and the best of this time as we all do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our cities and neighborhoods. Whether you’re learning to work from home for the first time, binge watching Tiger King, or have a job that requires you to be out in the world right now, a simple pot of tea can do wonders. The best you can make is just a button press away.

Breville’s the Tea Maker

Breville The Tea Maker

Breville’s the Tea Maker, formerly (aptly) known as the One-Touch Tea Maker, which is also available in a newer compact version, has been the best product in its category for a decade. I’ve had mine for at least six years, and recently came across an old photo of it on my kitchen shelves from 2014. Of the 14 appliances pictured, the Tea Maker is the only one that hasn’t been replaced, upgraded at least once, or had its functionality rolled into a multi-use piece of kitchen gear:

The Tea Maker’s excellence of execution is unparalleled, but Breville also struck magic with its design. After loading the basket with loose leaf tea (I usually buy Harney & Sons) and filling the pot with the desired amount of water, you’ll attach the basket to the rail, select your tea type (green, black, etc.) set your preferred strength, and press start. The rail uses magnets to lower and raise the basket into and out of the water at the right time and temperature for a perfect, consistent pot every time. Most kitchen appliances are not conversation pieces, but the Tea Maker continues to impress ten years later.

Breville the Tea Maker

Breville the Tea Maker Compact

The singular flaw of the Tea Maker is that, while the keep warm function works perfectly, the glass pot itself isn’t double-walled to keep your tea hot on its own. I usually transfer my brewed pot to Fellow’s Stagg Double Wall Carafe to maintain temperature. Fellow also makes my favorite tea (and coffee) cups for home use, their Stagg Tasting Glasses. I’d highly recommend picking up Breville’s Revive Organic Tea Cleaner, which will make your Tea Maker sparkle again every time you run a cleaning cycle.

Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe | $39

Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses | $30 for two

Breville Revive Organic Tea Cleaner | $13

You don’t need a $250 tea maker. There are a lot of great, more affordable ways to make tea, and the margin for error is much higher relative to coffee. But as you can see from my own past experience, if something brings you enough joy, and you can afford to, it’s worth investing in the best gear for it out of the gate. I’m looking around my condo, and I’m fairly certain Breville’s Tea Maker is the oldest product I own that isn’t clothing.

The Tea Maker has been discounted to as low as $180 in the past, and is also available refurbished with a warranty for about $45 off.

Stay Tuned

We’ll be bringing you guides on how to make and take tea while traveling, camping, and commuting, along with rounding up great gifts for your tea-loving friends.

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