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In the past few years, Mexico City has become synonmous with delicious culinary marvels. From mom-and-pop taquerias to upscale fusion restaurants, the culinary scene has never been stronger in this vibrant capital city.

Whether you're looking for the newest, hottest chef or simply want to eat your weight in tacos for cheap, Mexico City's restaurants have you covered.


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"County cooking" in Mexico City might be a little different than what you're used to, but the dishes from Huset will make you feel like you're in your abuela's own kitchen. Prepared over a wood fire and enjoyed on a leafy-green patio, the rustic dishes of Huset will charm you with every bite.

La Casa de Toño

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If you want something cheap and delicious, look no further than La Casa de Toño. This chain restaurant has several locations around the city, including a few that are open 24 hours so you can snack on some late night tacos to your heart's content. Dig into their renowned pozole for a more hearty meal.

Ojo de Agua

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If you need a healthy break from all the heavy Mexican dishes, Ojo de Agua offers the refreshing boost you need. This health joint offers tasty salads and fresh pressed juices. Breakfast is one of the best meals here, and their acai bowls are as instagrammable as they are delicious.

La Capital

For a bit of a nicer evening, make a visit to La Capital in La Condesa neighborhood. Everything on the menu is a must-try, from the seafood risotto to the enchiladas. No meal is complete without one of their creative and tasty cocktails, which you can sample before or after a pleasant stroll through this charming neighborhood.

Los Loosers

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If traditional Mexican dishes have one drawback, it's that they're often laden with meat. Of course, for some people this is a positive, but if you embrace a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, check out Los Loosers. This vegan restaurants serves up all the classic Mexican goodies with a meat-free twist, like mushroom tacos and vegan chilaquiles. The joint itself is tiny, but an army of deliverers on bikes will bring these meals straight to your Airbnb for a tasty night in.


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This ultra-modern restaurant makes use of all the flavors and ingredients of the local region, offering an experience you can't find anywhere else. The restaurant is upscale, but laid back, so you'll always feel comfortable even while getting out of your culinary comfort zone.

El Moro Churerría

Anyone up for churros? Get this classic Mexican dessert at El Moro Churerría. We recommend sampling a chocolate-dipped churro with a scoop of ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth for the rest of the night. Or until you can place another order, because trust us, you can't limit yourself to just one.

Taqueria La Chinampa

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If you're wary of street food but want to sample some real authentic tacos, this classic taqueria is the perfect stop. La Chinampa has some of the best tacos in the city. Of course, a lot of places could say that, and we won't know for sure until we complete our taco tour of Mexico City. But until that day, grab a chair, fish some pesos out of your pocket, and indulge in these delicious tacos.


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For a nice night out with that special someone, check out Pujol. This upscale (and up-priced) restaurant is world-renowned for its cuisine from chef Enrique Olvera. Housed in a modern and minimalist location, the atmosphere is far from stuffy. Instead this place is fun, and one of the essential stops on your Mexico City food tour. If you can't swing the prices, check out the sister taco restaurant Molino El Pujol.

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