Best Cruises for Millennial Travelers

In the past, cruising has been associated with an older demographic. When you think of cruising you might picture ships filled with adults (perhaps with children in tow) and seniors. However, recent research indicates that more Millennials are cruising than ever before. In fact, if you fall in this demographic, you might now be more open-minded to cruising than your parents are.

So, why the shift in popularity? Well, most Millennials are filled with an insatiable sense of wanderlust and are eager to explore the bigger world. However, many are also facing an economic climate that limits their vacation budget. Cruising offers the perfect solution by being a cost-effective way to get the most out of your vacation funds, while letting you roam a bit more.

Cruising is also a great option for the busy Millennial who doesn't have the time to plan all the details of their trip. Just book the ship and the rest of the details are taken care of for you.

If you have never cruised and feel intrigued, you might wonder which cruising options will best fit your Millennial spirit. Consider any of these five best cruises for your next vacation.

1. Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Island
One of the most popular cruise options for Millennials, and everybody really, is the classic Caribbean cruise. This is a great option for couples, groups of friends, and families. Hop between islands and get a good mix of relaxing beach time, jungle hikes, and adventures like horseback riding. Stop off at Mayan ruins or swim with dolphins - the world is your oyster. Good cruise lines to choose from for this region include Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean. Both are budget-friendly, all-inclusive, and full of fun activities for any interest level.

2. Mediterranean Cruise

Santorini Cruise
If you've ever wanted to explore Italy, Greece, and other parts of the Mediterranean, a cruise is an excellent way to do that, regardless of which specific cruise line you choose. In this case, cruising is a good choice because you can't reach many of these islands any other way. Coordinating a bunch of individual boat and ferry rides can be an organizational and financial nightmare. A cruise will take you to all those sites at one price.

3. River Cruise

River Cruise
When you think of a river cruise, it might sound mundane and boring. However, today’s river cruising is much more exciting and even luxurious. One of the leaders in the river cruising industry is U by Uniworld. This company caters to Millennials by hosting river cruises down well-known international rivers like the Seine and the Rhine. By staying on one of their river cruise ships, you can fully enjoy the entire city or country with a “home-base” that includes comfortable accommodations.

4. Adventure Cruise

Adventure Cruise
If you think cruises sound boring and inert, you have to check out adventure cruises. Several cruise lines cater to your wild side, like UnCruise Adventures, which uses smaller ships to reach destinations that the larger cruise ships cannot. They plan great on-board and on-shore activities for adventurers who don't like sitting still. Go for a “polar plunge” in Alaska, enjoy a mule ride through the South American desert, swim with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortes, or start your day with yoga during a sunrise at sea.

5. Volunteer Cruise

Maybe you want to do good in the world but find it difficult to volunteer due to time constraints or other limitations. Your vacation might actually be the perfect time to do some volunteer work. Luckily, the cruise industry wants to help. One good option is Fathom Travel (from Princess Cruises), where you can have plenty of typical fun and participate in “impact experiences” where you help the communities you visit.

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