The Most Gorgeous Botanic Gardens From Around the World


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In our technology-infused society today, we need a break from the screens every now and then. Botanical gardens offer the perfect escape, especially if you find yourself in a city far removed from isolated wilderness. Log off the computer and take a stroll through indoor conservatories and marked paths to realign with nature. Learn about the flora that are native to your home region, and find a little piece of wild freedom in your own backyard.

Botanic Gardens - Belfast

The Belfast Botanic Gardens is so much more than a place to study botany. When the gardens were built, the community showed such great interest that they have grown and evolved, adding a gorgeous concert venue and community gathering space to the already-gorgeous garden. Check out their breathtaking greenhouses and the Tropical Ravine which features some of the oldest seed plants around today, as well as banana, cinnamon, bromeliad and orchid plants. Get a little taste of the tropics in the middle of Ireland.


New York Botanical Garden

The botanical garden of NYC hosts one of the most diverse collections of plant life in the country. Winding from forest preserves to indoor palm tree gardens to lily pad speckled ponds, a visit to this garden will guarantee you see a little bit of everything. In addition to lush greenery, the garden boasts tons of activities and resources aimed to get students interested in preserving our ecosystem, making it a great place to donate to - after all, we only get one Earth.


Allerton and McBryde Gardens - Kauaʻi

These adjoining gardens contain the best of Hawaii’s ecosystem. Tucked in the Lawa'i Valley, the gardens were once a haven for the elite but today we can all enjoy this stunning oasis. Learn about imperiled plants and take a guided tour that walks you up to a lovely secluded waterfall.

Franklin Park and Conservatory - Columbus

This botanic garden is known for its explosion of butterflies that swarm through the Pacific Island Water Garden. Also featured are over 400 plant species and a can’t-miss glass-blowing exhibition will give you plenty to explore during the day. But be sure to stick around after nightfall when the real magic happens. The palm garden comes to life when thousands of string lights illuminate the tropical paradise. This conservatory will blow your favorite happy hour spot out of the water.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta's botanical garden is geared primarily for children, and features a vast collection of edible plants and one of the most important collections of orchids in the world. The industrial city skyline juxtaposes the lush haven in the most magnificent way, truly showcasing the strength of Mother Nature.


Desert Botanical Garden - Phoenix

Home of 140 acres of desert plant life, and there is so much more to this unusual botanical garden than dust and sunburn. Desert wildflowers, native exhibits, and flashlight tours are just a few of the different experiences available at this one-of-a-kind garden. Over 5,000 different arid plant species thrive here and five different trails act as lenses into the magic of desert life. Make sure to hang around after sundown for a chance to roll out a blanket and view a movie, or visit during the holidays for a stunning luminarias strung throughout the garden.

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