Away's Aluminum Suitcases Now Come In Four Trendy Colors

Our Backpack

Our Backpack

Away's high-end Aluminum Edition suitcases are the height of direct-to-consumer luggage luxury, and now, you can finally get them in multiple colors.

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All four sizes of the Aluminum Edition bags are now available in the same aluminum hues that Apple has popularized with its electronics: silver, black, gold, and rose gold. And unlike most Away color announcements, it seems like these aren't limited editions; they're here to stay.

Should You Buy Them?

Aluminum Edition Away suitcases, to be clear, are not practical purchases. Compared to Away's standard plastic suitcases (which, remember, are truly excellent), these are significantly heavier and more expensive, they get dented much more easily (Away would like you to think of this as a charming patina, but your mileage may vary), and while I do prefer the metal bags' interior pocket system, they don't offer much else in terms of practical advantages, aside from a bit of additional protection afforded by the metal shell.

But man, oh man, are they pretty. Plastic Away suitcases are as common a sight in airports these days as Auntie Anne's pretzels and Hudson News stores, but the metal ones still turn heads. Plus, their dual TSA-locked clasps are faster to open and close than a standard zipper, and their spring-loaded release buttons are incredibly satisfying to push.

The gold and rose gold bags are fairly muted, and could be mistaken for the classic silver in the right light, but the onyx black bags are pretty Not dark gray, not charcoal; just pure, unfiltered black, right down to the wheels. Personally, I think it looks less obviously metallic than the other three colors, but I can certainly understand the appeal; there's a reason black is the most popular color of luggage.

The new colors are available starting today, from $475 to $595, the same prices as the old silver Aluminum Editions.

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