This Trident of Charging Is the Ultimate Travel Cable

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Your phone might charge with a Lightning cable. Your partners' Android phone? Maybe USB-C. Your Bluetooth headphones and your Kindle? They still use microUSB. While European regulators debate whether all manufacturers should have to adopt a single charging connector, the truth is that for at least the next few years, you'll likely need to travel with three different types of cables.

Or, you could travel with one that works with all three.

Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable

Anker's PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable is essentially a microUSB charging cable, but with USB-C and Lightning tips attached to the end. If you need to charge an iPhone or a pair of AirPods, pop the Lightning connector onto the end of the cable. Charging an Android phone or a Nintendo Switch? Swap on the USB-C connector.

Obviously, whether you're traveling or charging at home, you probably need more than one cable for overnight charging of all of your devices (and we have thoughts on how you should organize them), no matter how many connectors they come with. But a 3-in-1 cable really shines when you're out and about, which is why I recommend keeping it in an easily accessible pocket of your bag, or even in the pocket of your jacket. Whether you need a quick charge from a portable battery pack, or a family member with a different device wants to plug in at a restaurant or airport, you'll know that you have a cable that will work.

Plus, like all of Anker's PowerLine II charging cables, the 3-in-1 cable is reinforced at the joints for added durability; I've never broken one over the course of several years, for what it's worth. And if it ever does wear out, Anker offers a lifetime warranty, and will just send you a replacement for free.

One day, with any luck, the need for this type of cable will be eliminated, and every mobile device we own will charge over USB-C. But until then, this is undoubtedly a worthwhile ~$18 purchase.

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