Our Favorite Travel Deals for Amazon Prime Day

Another year, another Amazon Prime Day. The annual sale has received mixed reviews in the past, but hope springs eternal — especially since this year's edition lasts a full 48 hours. Individual deals will not last that long, however, so watch this space throughout the day for an updating list of must-haves for travelers.

In addition to the usual products — the Echo Show 5 costs $49.99 rather than $99.99, while the Fire TV Cube's price is being reduced from $119.99 to $69.99 — one item is especially useful for the wanderlust crowd:

Fire HD 10 Tablet — Save $50

Even if you don't fancy yourself the tablet type, Amazon's Fire Tablet can be extremely handy on long journeys. Netflix, Amazon itself and other streaming services allow users to download episodes of TV shows and even full-length movies for offline viewing, meaning you can binge-watch the newest season of "Stranger Things" without an internet connection while waiting for your connecting flight.

Castries Universal Travel Adapter — Save $4.40

If you've got an international trip coming up and still don't have an adapter for all your devices, today's the day to correct that oversight. This one works in most of the world — including the UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, among many others — and allows you to charge up to five devices simultaneously while making use of the AC power socket and four different USB ports. As for color options, it also comes in green.

Wireless Bose Headphones — Save $70

Everyone wants Bose headphones, but no one wants to pay full price. Now, for a limited time, you don't have to. This pair of around-ear wireless headphones is 31% off and will make your time in airports, planes or trades considerably more sonorous — even without active noise cancelation.

Klymit Sleeping Pad — Save $23

Don't worry, campers — you haven't been forgotten today. Anyone who enjoys sleeping under the stars but isn't well equipped to do so at the moment should avail themselves of Klymit's lightweight sleeping pad, which is compact when packed and comfortable when rolled out in your snoozing destination of choice.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter — Save $7.58

If you've ever watched Naked and Afraid, you know the most important thing to do when braving the wild is ensuring you have access to clean water. This personal filter will do just that, purging  99.999999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.999% of waterborne parasites from as much as 1,000 gallons of water. LifeStraw is socially conscious as well, with each purchase giving safe drinking water to a child in need for an entire school year.

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