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Travel comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, travel can mean jumping in a car with a group of friends for a cross-country roadtrip. For others, travel is finding an all-inclusive resort with a loved one and getting pampered to the max. And for others still, travel can simply mean throwing a dart at a map and hopping on a plane  as soon as possible.

Whatever it means to you, we’ve put together a list of can't-miss trips to take in your lifetime. The specifics are up to you, but in your life as a traveler you should try to hit all these at least once.

Backpacking Trip

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For this one we're referring to low-budget travel that takes you through multiple countries, and yes, involves carrying around a massive backpack. Whether you do this in the summer after you graduate college or in retirement, backpacking through a country or continent is an absolute must. Jumping on and off trains, exploring a new city every other day, and staying in group hostels is a truly invigorating experience. Set yourself a strict budget and get creative, making friends with public transportation and couchsurfing websites. Whether you choose to hop around Europe, South America, or Southeast Asia you really can’t go wrong with a backpacking trip - unless somebody loses their passport.

Solo Trip

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Whether you're single and ready to mingle or just want to reconnect with me, myself, and I, it's time for a solo trip. For many, the idea traveling alone paralyzes them with anxiety. But if you can overcome the fear of heading out on the road by yourself, the rewards are endless. Taking a solo trip allows you to break free of your comfort zone. Solo travel has been linked to increased self-confidence and self discovery. You're forced to think creatively and make friends from different walks of life.  If you're ready to try a solo adventure, don't feel like you have to plan a huge getaway abroad. If traveling alone scares you, try planning a small weekend trip somewhere nearby, easing into a larger solo adventure.

Luxury Trip

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever fantasized about splurging on an extravagant luxury trip with only one goal: completely pamper yourself. Well, what are you waiting for? Go find that all-inclusive resort with the swim-up bar and get your leisure on! With platforms like Seeqr and Travel Zoo, you can find great deals on 5-star resorts to help you explore luxury destinations on a dime. So go ahead, save up some coin, and honey, treat yo’self!!

Romantic Trip

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There's nothing like getting out of your normal routine to spice up your love life. This trip will look different for everyone. What does romance mean to you? Now, we don’t mean you should go propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower (though let’s be real, we’ve all dreamt of that) but a romantic trip with your partner could be planning a weekend away to a Bed and Breakfast complete with wine and a little rest and relaxation. If you’ve always wanted to take that perfect trip to swoon your lover, we suggest skipping the obvious and taking the romantic road less traveled and customizing your trip to match the personality of you and your partner.

Road Trip


This one couldn’t be more straightforward - it's time for a road trip, baby! Heading out on the open road alone or with a group of friends is a recipe for endless memories. Cruise along the PCH in California, explore the national parks of the Wild West, or hit America’s best roadside attractions on Route 66! There's only one rule: driver picks the music. Beep, beep!


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Cruises are making a comeback! And for good reason. Inexpensive, all-inclusive, with the ability to see several destinations without dealing with the hassle of travel? Not to mention some cruises allow you to experiences places that would otherwise be impossible to see. There are many types of cruises you can go on - in fact, there's almost too many to choose from. From Caribbean cruises, to Mediterranean cruises, Alaskan cruises, party cruises, family cruises, drag queen cruises - the options are neverending. Whether you consider yoursel a "cruiser" or not, we suggest trying at least doing one cruise in your lifetime. What kind should you pick? Well, whatever floats your boat!

Off-the-Grid Trip

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In a world engulfed in information and technology, you have to plan at least one trip that takes you away from it all. And we're not talking about just setting a Vacation notice on your email. We mean leave the phones off, head out into the wild, and completely disconnect. Spend some time with Mother Nature, sleeping on the ground, or if you can't live without hot water (we don't blame you) escaping to an isolated retreat. This might even be trip you want to repeat once a year, let alone once in your life.

Last Minute Trip

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You probably fantasize about this kind of trip while working at your office. Just dropping everything and taking off, no set plan, no itinerary, just go. What a fantasy! But we say go make it a reality. Now, don’t go getting yourself fired from your job or skipping out on your last final of the semester in the name of wanderlust. But if the time is right and you’ve caught the bug - what is stopping you? Book that flight! Reserve that hotel room! Pack that bag! Post that Instagram to make your friends jealous! Make haste!

A Trip That Scares You

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In retrospect, any of the trips we’ve listed above could be categorized as trips that scare us, but everyone is different. A solo trip might be a cake walk for some and paralyzing for others. A luxury trip might be the most anxiety-inducing thought for some and simply a credit card swipe for others. Don't forget about destinations. Find a culture, a country, a lifestyle that is far removed from your own and go experience it for yourself. Whatever takes you out of your comfort zone - we say, go for it! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the most simple way to expand your horizons and broaden your perspective. And honestly, isn’t that why we love to travel in the first place?

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