8 Things You Can't Forget on Your Winter Getaway

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Winter packing can be a challenge when you have thicker clothes, jackets, and heavy shoes to contend with. It’s important to only to pack the essentials, otherwise you’ll run out of room or be forced to bring additional luggage. To help reduce your winter packing stress, here are eight things you can’t forget on your winter getaway.

Multi-Purpose Winter Gloves

When it’s freezing outside, no one wants to take their gloves off to take a photo, answer a call, or perform other tasks on the phone. Imagine having a set of gloves that allows you to take photos, make phone calls, or post Instagram stories without having to get freezing fingers. Etip Gloves by North Face are made for both men and women and have touch conductive fabric on the thumb and index fingers, so that you can handle your smartphone with ease.

Down Jacket

The key to reducing the number of jackets you'll need on your next out-of-town excursion is finding the right one. Down jackets are great for keeping you warm without all the bulk. Choose a jacket that's waterproof, so you stay both warm and dry, and look for one that has a detachable hood, so it's easier to pack. You can’t go wrong with a classic. Patagonia’s Down Sweater Jacket is warm and waterproof, yet packable and lightweight, making it perfect for wintertime exploration.


Scarves are fabulous since they're not only functional and stylish, but can also have protective purposes. Travel safety scarves have hidden pockets to safeguard essentials. There are tons of hidden pocket scarves on the market, but if you want to support a small American business, check out Speakeasy Travel Supply. They offer a wide variety of fabrics with varying thicknesses, so you can find what works best for the destination you’re visiting and your personal style preferences.

Portable Charger

There is one thing that hates cold even more than you — your phone. Batteries on phones and other electronics tend to drain faster in freezing temperatures. If you’re going to be out and about for a few hours, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of juice to take photos. Get a portable charger. Take time to research which one is best for you, depending on your planned activities and how many devices you plan to charge each time.

Moisturizer and Lip Balm

Winter temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. Try to look for a moisturizer that can last a long time and is strong enough to stand up to harsh winter elements. One ideal option is Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream. Its hydration can last up to 24 hours and is excellent for sensitive skin. Best of all, it has a lightweight texture, so you don’t feel it on your face throughout the day. Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream draws moisture from the air into the skin through its humectant ingredients.

When choosing a moisturizer, don’t forget one for your lips. Choosing one with SPF is recommended since you're exposed to harmful UV rays — even when the sun isn’t shining. Two popular options include Burt’s Bees All Weather and Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balms.

Tissues and Cold Medicine

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Whether you've got a cold, the flu, or a stomach bug, make sure you pack a medical kit with all the medications and first-aid items you might need on your winter holiday. Don’t forget to include small band-aids, throat lozenges, vitamin C immunity boosters, and other essentials. If you're traveling internationally, check the rules for what medicines you can bring in since over-the-counter drugs from the U.S. are illegal in some countries.

Merino Wool Clothing

Fine merino wool comes from the Spanish merino sheep. Over the past few years, the wool has gained popularity with the sports gear crowd, but you can find merino wool used in casual clothing now as well, from shits to socks . The wool is ideal for temperature control and keeps you warm. As expected, clothing made with merino wool tends to cost significantly more than synthetic options. If merino wool options are out of your budget, consider at least bringing thermal underwear, which will also help insulate you from the elements.


Don’t forget to protect your head. Even if you have a jacket with a hood, be sure to have a beanie in your luggage. Your hood can’t protect you in the most extreme temperatures, so you should have a heat-retaining beanie as well. Check out the collection of beanies at Love Your Melon for some cozy and cute options. Or, if you like to listen to music while you’re out, consider a Bluetooth beanie on the market. It will pair with Android and iPhone devices, so you don’t need to have an extra set of headphones either.

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