8 Beer Gardens to Check Out This Summer


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Summertime calls for icy brews in tall glasses enjoyed on sprawling, outdoor patios. But don’t fret if your upcoming travel plans don’t include a trip to Munich for the famed Hofbräuhaus. If you’re a beer drinker, there are countless other beer gardens around the world, including a few cool ones in rather unexpected places. If you’re working on your summer travel plans, here are eight beer gardens to check out this summer.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Queens, New York

Credit: Hunter Bliss Images/Shutterstock

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden was established back in 1910, prior to Prohibition. It is New York City’s oldest beer garden. The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is owned and operated by a Czech and Slovak community group. Beer and menu items reflect their local heritage, and during the summer months, it’s not uncommon to see Czech and Slovak festivals scheduled.

Traveling Beer Garden

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Credit: Nigar Alizada/Shutterstock

Each season, Milwaukee County Parks coordinates a Traveling Beer Garden that stops in 12 different local parks. This year, there will be two simultaneously running tours in the Milwaukee County Park System. Craft beer and hard soda offerings will vary at each of the stops, and there are even souvenir glasses you can bring back for discounts on refills.

Stone Brewing

San Diego, California

Credit: Kit Leong/Shutterstock

San Diego is no stranger to crafter breweries, but Stone Brewing might well offer some of the prettiest beer gardens in the world. At Stone Brewing Co.’s location at Liberty Station, there are bocce ball courts, while the Escondido location has a one-acre organic beer garden complete with a tranquil koi pond, olive trees and a fire pit.

Augustiner Bräustübl Kloster Mülln

Salzburg, Austria

Credit: Federico Hani/Shutterstock

Augustiner has been brewing beer for centuries, and the beer garden in Salzburg is the largest one in Austria, with 1,400 seats and over 5,000 square meters of indoor space. There’s no shortage of delicious eats to enjoy with your Augustiner beer, either. Visit the various food stalls, or Schmankerlgangs, for a variety of traditional specialties like pork ribs with potatoes, sausages, cheese spread, pastries and more.

Mt. Takao Beer Mount

Tokyo, Japan

Credit: Iansa/Shutterstock

Once things start heating up in Japan, you’ll find several seasonal beer gardens open in Tokyo, including Mt. Takao Beer Mount. Mt. Takao is a popular spot for hiking, so why not combine a beautiful hike and views of Mt. Fuji with beer? For 90 minutes, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat-and-drink experience overlooking some iconic Japanese scenery. Food options include Japanese and international dishes, while non-beer drinkers can also order wine or cocktails. If you want to enjoy the experience without the sweat, there is also a cable car that runs up to the mountain top.

Mazu Temple

Taipei, Taiwan

Credit: Aaron HY Chen/Shutterstock

Yes, in Taiwan, you can even visit an unofficial beer garden at a local temple; set in the courtyard of the Mazu Temple in Taipei. Locals gather here to drink beer and eat food from the neighboring restaurants. Some vendors will buy the beer for you, or just walk to the closest store and purchase your own. It may not be a traditional beer garden in the strictest sense, but where else can you drink beer and eat delicious food in the courtyard of a historic temple?

Goldene Gans Biergarten

Würzburg, Germany

Credit: Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

In addition to a brewery and tavern, Goldene Gans has a beer garden on the banks of the Main River in Würzburg. With views of the river and the city skyline, this is an ideal place for a pint or two if you’re traveling through this region of Germany. Be sure to come hungry and try local Franconian dishes on the menu. Franconia is known for its use of fatty meats and heavy dishes, perfect to pair with a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon.

Letna Beer Garden

Prague, Czech Republic

Credit: Alexey Mashtakov/Shutterstock

Prague has no shortage of places to enjoy a cold beer during the hot summer, but Letna Beer Garden is one beer garden you don’t want to miss. Sit under the shady chestnut trees and take in the views of Prague’s Old Town below. At Letna Beer Garden, you’ll find a number of food and beer stands, including some with hard cider, wine and soft drinks available. The views here alone are worth stopping in for a beer or two.

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