7 Places to Celebrate Earth Day In the US


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April 22nd is Earth Day, and around the country people will be heading outdoors to breathe the fresh air, participate in local clean up events, and make a deeper commitment to living eco-friendly. You can get involved this weekend too, by finding a local Earth Day event or checking out the official Earth Day tip sheet and implementing some new habits to help you go green.

Check out these top places to celebrate Earth Day around the US, and join millions of others in protecting our planet!


San Francisco, CA

The Bay City pulls out all the stops for Earth Day, with a massive rally and street fair, live music, and the annual World Naked Bike Ride(yes, it's exactly what it sounds like). If you can't make it into the city, head to the coast for the Earth Day Beach cleanup at Ocean Beach.


Austin, TX

Austin hosts a massive Earth Day festival, and as one of the biggest eco-friendly events in Texas it sure draws a crowd! Take a zero-emissions mode of transportation to the event (aka bike or walk) and explore different exhibits, listen to live music, eat tasty food, and learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint.


Boston, MA

Boston celebrates Earth Day the way they celebrate everything - with big crowds. Join 3,000 others an help clean up the Charles River, or hit up the Franklin Park Zoo for a kid-friendly Earth Day party.


San Diego, CA

Sunny San Diego hosts events all over the city for Earth Day, and we're a big fan of the ones that take you to the beach for a cleanup. Check out the Creek to Bay Cleanup and EarthFair, one of the biggest Earth Day celebrations in the country!


Chicago, IL

If you think the only time Chicago goes green is for St. Patrick's Day, then you're in for a treat. Head to Humboldt Park for a clean up and tree-planting day, or join the Build-A-Tree workshop at the Morton Arboretum. Then, book your tickets for a free film screening at the One Earth Film Festival.


New York City, NY

Walk down 30 car-less streets of Broadway and meet your friends in Union Station for Earth Day celebrations! Then listen to the Chelsea Symphony perform at the American Museum of Natural History. Or, just spend the day in Central Park, enjoying Manhattan's own little oasis of nature.


Any National Park

Why not spend your weekend connecting with Mother Nature on a personal level? Head out to the nearest US National park, and enjoy free admission Saturday for the beginning of national parks week. Whether you're disappearing into the Smokey Mountains, camping in the Grand Canyon, or just taking a walk through the Redwoods, there's no better place to celebrate the Earth than in these natural oases.

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