6 Most Instagrammable Desserts From Around the World

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People may have different opinions on the instagram-your-food craze, but restaurants have inevitably begun tailoring their presentation to their photo-happy clientele. And no matter where you stand on the subject, you have to admit some of the end results are as stunning as they are delicious.
Whether you're dedicated to "doin' it for the 'gram" or really only care about satisfying your sweet tooth, these insane dessert trends will leave your mouth watering. Spoiler alert: your eyes are definitely bigger than your stomach.

Black Ice Cream | iHalo Crunch, Toronto

In the food world, orange is definitely not the new black. @ihalocrunch in Toronto spins delicious black charcoal ice cream that looks edgy but is every bit as refreshing and sweet as its colorful counterparts.


Sundaes | Black Tap, New York City

@blacktapnyc serves up mouthwatering sundae desserts that embody decadence. More is definitely more and you won't be complaining about the hot fudge overload.

Lava Cake | Non Entree Desserts, Singapore

Singapore’s @nonentreedesserts lava cake melt is enough to make me start looking at ticket prices. This treat wouldn't just make a beautiful photo, you'll need a video (or boomarang) to do justice to its glory.


Donuts | The Salty Donut, Miami

While we've never met a donut we didn't love, @thesaltydonut truly turns the fried dough into a canvas for arty toppings.


Dessert Explosions | The Glass Den, Melbourne

@theglassden in Melbourne, Australia is a funky bakery/cafe that serves the most creative twists on all the foods we love. Yes those are mini peanut butter cups spilling out of the cone, and yes that eggs benny has a hot pink flair. Here, the presentation is almost half of the fun. Almost.

Fruit Bowls | Banan, Honolulu

Hop over to Honolulu to enjoy Banan’s unique serving technique for ice cream. The fresh Hawaiian fruit bowl and mix-ins will almost trick you into thinking you're being healthy. Hey, it's at least served in fruit.

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