5 Wellness Retreats That Will Spring Clean Your Soul

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Springtime means throwing open the windows, cleaning out the closet and pressing reset on your mental health. If you need a little something extra to help you spring clean your chi, check out these wellness retreats. Located all over the world, these resorts promise to shower each guest with a serene setting, great food and fun activities. Let’s face it, doing some yoga next to the ocean in Bali has a greater healing power than trying downward dog in your living room.

Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa, United States

Located in the foothills of Santa Catalina, one hour away from Tucson, Miraval is a quiet and elegant desert resort that focuses on spiritual and mental health. The resort has a daily calendar of free activities, such as yoga, meditation and group fitness sessions (indoor excursions, capoeira dance, TRX). Conferences on health and well-being are also frequently held here and offer intuition and mindfulness workshops.

For an additional fee, Miraval offers organized excursions and activities such as aerial yoga, horseback riding, tightrope walks and cooking classes. But if all you need is a little time to commune with nature, it just takes walking around the grounds to restore your sense of peace. The gardens showcase the beauty of the rugged desert setting, with plenty of areas to admire the view, including swimming pools, jacuzzis and a maze of rocks.

The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

At the Farm at San Benito you'll find luxury villas and suites, with private pools and spectacular gardens to give you a sense of serenity. The resort offers nutrition classes, exercise options and beauty programs to round out a zen holiday.

The star at this Filipino retreat is the Detox Cleanse treatment, a medically-controlled regime that uses special juices and nutritional supplements to cleanse your body, improve your health and increase your energy level. If you don't need anything that in-depth, try the meal options. The menus at the Farm at San Benito are creative, organic and mostly raw to help reset your health. Exercise options include golf, yoga and power walking.

MASQi Energy House, Spain

If you need to disconnect then MASQi is the wellness retreat for you. Guests stay in a nineteenth-century country house that's been completely restored and is surrounded by mountains and springs. The setting is meant to help you disconnect, sleep well and recharge your energy.

In fact, the "energy recharge" program is based on a diet of organic seasonal products combined with yoga. You can also take personal growth courses, tai chi and pilates to center yourself. And if you’re looking to heal your mind, there’s  coaching, personal training, nutrition classes and massages. You will love their "eco-gourmet" dinners paired with the best wines, naps next to the pool and walks through the Spanish countryside.

Belmond Jimbaran Puri, Indonesia

If your idea of ​​a perfect zen escapade includes being at the beach with all kinds of treatments to pamper yourself, this spectacular luxury resort in Bali is the closest thing to paradise you can find.

While the Jimbaran Puri is a part of the hotel giant Belmond, it caters to visitors looking for a wellness retreat. You can find villas with private pools, magical beaches and dinner under the stars. It is truly a place to forget that the rest of the world exists. Besides relaxing by the beach, you can practice yoga, tai chi and meditation. You can also enjoy a typical Balinese massage and the best facial and body treatments on the island.

Blackberry Farm, United States

This Tennessee hotel is a serene refuge for lovers of good food and abundant nature. The gardens here are spectacular and there are extensive lawns, ponds, rustic barns and the majestic Smoky Mountains nearby to explore.

The restaurant, The Barn, offers a fresh culinary experience, given that most of the produce is collected from the property’s garden. Since Blackberry Farm is known for its food and drink, there are many culinary activities, such as wine tasting, cooking demonstrations, visits to the brewery and gardening.

Other perks include the two pools and the beautiful spa, The Wellhouse, which offers various treatments, yoga classes and a gym. Still, what makes this place unique are its activities that are aimed towards your soul: Deep Healing Forest Yoga and Aromatherapy 101.

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