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Every vacation has a budget, whether you're a multi-millionaire or, well, not a multi-millionaire. Still, you don't have to settle on your vacation just because you have a budget.

Sometimes it's worth spending a little extra to make the most of your trip. Even better, sometimes you'll be able to find upgrades for free or for much less than you'd expect to pay. Here are five upgrades you should look into adding on your next trip.

Ask About Flight Upgrades

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Plenty of airlines offer various same-day upgrades for your ticket which may or may not be available when you check in. When you check in for your flight, ask if there are any upgrades available. The worst thing that can happen is the answer is "no." On the other hand, you could end up snagging an upgrade to a higher class seat or at least a better seat in your current class.

This isn't just limited to the flight you're boarding, either. Check-in agents can sometimes upgrade you for connecting flights as well. If you luck out, they may even be able to upgrade you on the return trip.

Whether you make it to first class or not, it's also worth upgrading your boarding position. Certain airlines will let you pay a little extra to board the plane earlier. For example, Southwest Airlines lets you upgrade to one of the first 15 boarding positions for as low as $30. If you're worried about getting your carry-on luggage onto the plane, paying for the upgraded boarding spot can help ease your mind and make your travel a lot less stressful.

Check Out the Airport Lounge

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If you're used to flying first-class, you're probably familiar with the airport lounge. The lounge isn't only restricted to first-class passengers, though, so this is an easy way to make an extended wait at the airport much more pleasant.

Many airlines offer a one-day pass to their lounges, with prices ranging from $60 to as little as $25. For the price, you'll usually get a complimentary meal, a cocktail, and a much more comfortable place to sit than what you'll find across the majority of an airport.

If you're looking at a long layover, this could turn it from a hassle into an enjoyable experience. If you can't snag that pass through your airlines, check out what special offers your credit card company might have. Many cards have partnerships with airlines to get you access to lounges.

Bring a Cocktail Kit

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Even in a first-class seat, airline libations aren't as fancy as they used to be, at least in most cases. No matter where on the plane you're sitting, a cocktail kit can take those rather bland tiny bottles of liquor available on a flight into something much nicer.

The Carry-On Cocktail Kit from W&P Design gives you everything you need for the perfect drink except the liquor. Various cocktails from an Old Fashioned to a Bloody Mary or a Moscow Mule are available, and since they don't contain any liquor, you can bring them on the plane with you.

Just ask the flight attendant for the right alcohol and you're good to go.

Look Into Upgrading Your Room

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Your flight isn't the only thing you can upgrade. Of course, you can always opt for a room with a view while you're booking your hotel to make your vacation feel more extravagant. Even if you didn't think ahead, you still may be able to get more than you initially planned on.

Just like checking in for your flight, it's worth asking about available upgrades when you check into your hotel. Asking costs you nothing, and could get you a much better room. Whether due to cancellations or just under-booked resorts, a small fee could get you an upgrade to a nicer room or even a suite.

Splurge On a Good Set of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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From planes to trains, travel is far from quiet. From the screaming baby three rows back to the loud snorer one seat behind you, there are plenty of sources of noise that can make it hard to relax. The right set of headphones can make this all fade away.

While there are plenty of expensive noise-cancelling headphones out there, there are plenty of quality models that won't cost you a fortune. If you're looking for a place to start, we put together a list earlier this year of the best noise-cancelling headphones for every budget. Upgrade your sanity and invest in some headphones that will turn your loud airplane into your own personal oasis.

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