5 Trips You Have to Take Before You Die


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From spotting the Northern Lights in Iceland to bungee jumping in New Zealand, everyone has those bucket-list adventures they're trying to check off. And while your to-do list is probably already full, we have a few more trips to add before you're done. No matter when you squeeze them in, these five trips should definitely make it onto your passport.

Mediterranean Island Hopping

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From the Greek Islands to the Amalfi Coast, the islands of the Mediterranean are hotspots for a reason. Sun-drenched beaches and turquoise water offer the perfect setting for a little sailing getaway. But while most people will flock to Santorini or Capri, why not add a spin to this classic adventure and head to the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean — the Adriatic Sea? Hop around the islands of Croatia, which are chock full of medieval towns, pristine beaches and lush vineyards. You won't need to rent a yacht either, as the Dalmatian coast is easily navigated by inexpensive ferries. Ready to go now? Here's an eight-night tour with flights included that will get you there.

Adults-Only Getaway

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Family vacations are great, but if you've never tried an adults-only retreat, you're missing out. Quiet and relaxing, with the drinks flowing and the air sweet, you can find some of the best resorts in the heart of the Caribbean. Enjoy the tropical breeze and don't worry about overcrowded pools or booked up activities. Punta Cana is THE place to book one of these all-inclusive getaways — in fact, here's one of our favorites.

Scandinavian Adventure

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It's time to head north. The beautiful cities of Scandinavia offer colorful ports, incredible modern design and fascinating history. These nations are beacons of innovation and livability, and you have to make it to the peninsula once in your life. From the bright seaside ports of Copenhagen to the artistic design of Oslo to the vast, untouched landscapes of the majestic wilderness, you can't miss exploring these countries. Get them all in one go with [this six-night tour](https://www.greatvaluevacations.com/vacations/capitals-of-the-north-copenhagen-oslo-and-stockholm? utm_source=discoverer&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=DISC201904copenhagen), flights included.

Five-Star Resort Stay

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Everyone needs to splurge a little in life and experience a five-star resort getaway. Immerse yourself in total luxury and don't worry about your responsibilities for a weekend — trust us, they'll be there when you get back. Whether the resort is in your backyard or across the ocean, you deserve a little me time. How about a trip to a land where castles are a dime a dozen and true relaxation is as easy to find as a walk through the peaceful countryside. We're talking about Ireland, of course. The Emerald Isle knows how to treat visitors right, with rural luxury set against a breathtaking landscape. [Try this five-star luxury tour](https://www.greatvaluevacations.com/vacations/luxury-in-ireland-5-star-resort-getaway? utm_source=discoverer&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=DISC201904ireland) to get your pampering on.

Ride the Rails Through Old Europe

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European trains are renowned for their accessibility, views and inexpensive price tag. And what better way to experience the Old World than by train? Finding tickets is easy, and the rails connect all the major cities on the continent for easy trips. All you need to do is grab a book and a seat and let the train do the work for you. You'll be sipping beer in Prague and gazing at the twinkling lights of Budapest in no time. [This tour](https://www.greatvaluevacations.com/vacations/central-europe-classic-budapest-vienna-and-prague? utm_source=discoverer&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=DISC201904prague) will let you experience the jewels of central Europe by rail.

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