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As the global tourism industry continues to grow, more and more successful startups are emerging to shake up the travel sector. The best startups are revolutionizing the way we think about the hospitality industry, from booking ground travel in Europe to finding a place to hike in a national park. By leveraging digital technology and making good use of web-based and mobile applications, today’s startups could be the industry leaders of tomorrow. Read on to discover five travel startups you should know about.



Omio, formerly GoEuro, received a re-branding at the end of last year. The startup's premise simplifies European travel for travelers looking to see much of the continent in a short amount of time. Ground travel in Europe is a heavily-trafficked mess of different languages, networks and travel providers. To make traveling across Europe pain-free, Omio (pronounced Oh-mee-oh) allows app users to find, compare and book European ground and air travel through an easy-to-use search tool. Having recently raised $150 million in funding, Omio is poised to become the go-to booking app for Euro travel.



Chimani boasts an all-in-one mobile travel guide for national park lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Users who choose to pay the app’s yearly subscription are able to access detailed guides of the most visited parks in the National Park System, currently 64 out of the total 418 parks. The app awards virtual badges and points when certain sites are visited, in addition to providing detailed information on hiking trails within the parks. Best of all, it doesn’t need a cell signal for off-the-grid adventures. Since Subaru and Chimani just partnered to offer the cloud-based app in the vehicle’s STARLINK system, the app can easily be accessed on the road. The startup is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, with future expansion goals of offering travel guides for all national parks, in addition to outdoor destinations worldwide.


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Do you come home from your trip with a collection of ticket stubs, paper brochures and travel vouchers littering the bottom of your bag? Boulder, Colorado-based Redeam is reshaping the way travel vendors handle paper vouchers. From museums to airlines to tour companies, this startup is bringing the industry deeper into the digital age by processing tickets sold by third-party distributors through their platform. By giving businesses the power to automate their ticket processes and reconcile vouchers, Redeam is helping modernize an antiquated system overnight.



The brainchild of Danish entrepreneurs, TimeShifter aims to banish jet lag from your life — for good. This startup app uses the science behind a human’s circadian rhythm to ensure your 24-hour cycle of sleep/wake and light/dark doesn’t get disrupted during international voyages. Based on your usual sleep schedule and travel itinerary, the app’s algorithm prescribes a plan for your long distance travel. You will know when to sleep and when to stay awake, when to drink coffee and when to avoid caffeine. More importantly, the app tells you significant times to get sunlight and consume melatonin, which are key components to getting your circadian rhythm back on track.



Evaneos is a web-based platform that tailors one-of-a-kind itineraries for international travelers. The travel booking startup cuts out the middle man, like tour operators and larger travel agencies, by directly connecting tourists with local travel agents. Travelers can customize their trip based on length, type of travel, budget and accommodations. Fill out a short survey describing your ideal trip, and Evaneos will prepare a quote and connect you with a travel agent. The French-based startup raised $80 million in funding last year and promises fair-cost pricing and only the best local travel agents for their customers.

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