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Southeast Asia is one of the most fascinating regions in the world. In addition to ancient cultures that will captivate you, each of its countries boasts of bustling cities, welcoming people, idyllic beaches and much more to discover. Here are five trips throughout the region which will immerse you in this little piece of the planet. However, keep in mind there will definitely be corners you will want to explore some more.

Island-Hop In The Philippines


With over 7,000 islands you could spend years in the Philippines and not see everything. If you don’t have that luxury, then plan on a two-week tour for your trip to be worthwhile. Keep in mind that traveling in the Philippines requires a lot of time, since travel is very slow due to the limited tourist infrastructure. The best you could do is start in Manila in the north, before exploring the stunning natural landscape of Siquijor. Hop from island to island, heading further south until you reach El Nido, the unsung hero of this island nation.

Get Lost In Laos


Laos is possibly the most forgotten country by travelers visiting Southeast Asia. Since there are not as many direct flights from the United States or Europe, you will not find as many tourists as in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam. However, this is nothing more than an advantage! Within a week, you can walk without crowds through some of the most authentic places in the region.

Start in capital Vientiane, where the spectacular Buda Park is located. Next on the tour you should hit up Vang Vieng, which once was one of the backpacker capitals of Southeast Asia, but has now regained its tranquility. Explore the caves of Tham Jang before ending in Luang Prabang. Along the way, explore the nation's oldest Buddhist temple and local markets for a taste of the local culture.

Vietnam In A Motorcycle


If you feel like an adventure, one of tours through Southeast Asia that you could embark on is along the roads of Vietnam. Many travelers discover the country this way thanks to the fact that the state of the roads is quite good and that they can do so at their leisure. Hop aboard a motorcycle in Hanoi and get ready to explore the country in one of the most unique and thrilling ways.

This 7-day tour takes you through small villages like Vu Linh and Na Khan. Explore Ba Be National Park where you can stop for a boat ride on this stunning lake. Make your way back to Hanoi for some really good food and city life. After the tour, add on a day trip to one of the landmarks of Southeast Asia: Halong Bay.

Urban Exploration in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore


If you have about two weeks, then travel to three of the most developed countries in the region: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Start in glittering Singapore, to experience the city's interesting mix of tradition and modernity. Be sure to check out the Marina Bay, as it always leaves visitors impressed. Trek south, stopping through the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, before heading to Cameron Highlands, in the northwest of the country. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air of the tea plantations, while in Penang you will taste the most varied and exciting street food in Southeast Asia. Finally, find yourself in Bangkok for an explosion of sights and sounds that will leave you exhausted in a good way.

Indonesia Basics


More than 17,000 islands make up the archipelago of Indonesia, the Southeast Asian country that offers the most varied tours. If this is your first time, spend at least 20 days exploring the main points of interest. Take a flight to Medan and work your way south, hopping through national parks populated with orangutans and volcanic valleys illuminated by stunning sunsets. From the bustling metropolis of Jakarta to the laid-back beaches of Bali, you'll have trouble tearing yourself away by the end of this trip.

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