5 Reasons You Need to Visit Jamaica, Like Yesterday


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Look at your travel bucket list. Is a Caribbean island adventure on there somewhere? Thought so. Who wouldn't want a tropical island adventure topped with warm sunshine, white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waves lulling you into a state of pure bliss? Relaxation is the name of the game, and if you're up for it, a little adventure and fun sprinkled in does the soul good.

Which is why Jamaica is calling your name. This island comes complete with all the goodies you've come to expect from the Caribbean plus so much more. With a joyful soul and wealth of adventures, there's more than one reason why you need to get yourself to Jamaica.

1. The Beaches


We'll get this out of the way first, because it's pretty obvious — Jamaica's beaches are heaven on earth. Palm-backed sand and a near-constant sea breeze characterize these little paradises. From Cornwall Beach in Montego Bay to Mammee Bay Beach in Ocho Rios, the island is home to a plethora of sandy stretches that will make your holiday sublime. Whether you want pink sand or white, relaxation or adventure, something totally private or a chance to mingle with locals, there's a beach for you. Grab a towel and a chair and let the waves carry your worries away.

2. The Culture


This proud and vibrant island has a sunny culture to match the weather. With amazing food and music, it's not difficult to be sucked into the local way of life. Visit key heritage sites like Devon House, the Bob Marley Museum or the National Gallery of Jamaica. Learn more about the heritage that built this island into the hub it is today.

3. The Adventures


The island paradise has more than its fair share of adventures to get you out of your chair. First up are the watersports. From windsurfing to snorkeling, there are countless opportunities to get acquainted with the world under the waves. But off the beaten path are other opportunities to discover watery adventures. Raft down the Martha Brae River in a bamboo raft, enjoying a leisurely ride that promises glimpses of Jamaica's lush tropical interior. Make a visit to the Blue Lagoon, made famous by several 1980s films or the Glistening Waters, an incredible phosphorescent lagoon. Then, get your feet moving through the green landscape of the Blue Mountains, or go chase waterfalls at Reach Falls or Dunn's River Falls and Park, to add a little splash of fun to your hike.

4. The Accommodation


In Jamaica, where you stay is nearly as important as how you spend your days. Luckily, the island is home to myriad stunning resorts that will cater to your every need during your stay. Luxurious, over-water bungalows and private beachside hotels will wake you up with a cup of coffee and a view and put you to bed in style every day. Many of these luxurious resorts are all-inclusive, so you'll have everything you need to truly relax.

5. The Food

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While Jamaica's beaches and tropical landscape feed your soul, you can't forget to feed your belly. Fill up on some mouthwatering Jamaican cuisine, from flavorful jerk chicken to fresh seafood. Try a Jamaican patty, a flaky pastry stuffed with fillings like chicken, cheese or beef. Don't forget to wash everything down with a rum punch, complete with an umbrella topping and a sea view.

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