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The Podcast revolution is well underway, and for many travelers, it's the perfect solution to long flights, boring train rides, and extended road trips. These days there's a podcast for everyone — from news shows to niche subject discussions to fictional stories, you can immerse yourself in entertainment wherever you go.

But if you aren't embarking on a trip anytime soon, certain podcasts can transport you away from your desk or gym to exotic destinations around the world. Here are a few of our favorite travel podcasts to keep your wandering heart satisfied between trips.

Women on the Road

Ever wondered what #vanlife is really like? This podcast interviews women who have embraced life on the road and share the nitty-gritty details of what a vagabond existence is really like. Honest, funny, and inspiring, these stories will make anyone feel empowered to hop in the car and seek out their next adventure.


If you're trying to make travel happen on a budget, you need this podcast. Previously "The Budget-Minded Traveler", this podcast from host Traveling Jackie explores travel and adventure with the goal of motivating listeners to get out and see the world. Offering both inspiration and practical advice, this podcast jumps around the world each week to offer new and intriguing perspectives on travel.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

There are some truly incredible people in the world embarking on unbelievable adventures the rest of us can only dream about. This podcast is dedicated to sharing those wild stories, and the people who live them out. Each week a different adventurer shares their story, from surfing legend Bethany Hamilton to award-winning filmmakers Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. Each episode highlights someone living their passion and is sure to inspire you to seek out your own great adventure.

Zero to Travel

This podcast from Jason Moore is a spectacular roundup of just about every travel topic you could ask for. From breaking down travel tips to sharing inspiring stories and answering audience questions, the podcast is all about exploring how travel changes us and shifts our perspectives and priorities. Anyone who wants to make travel a lifelong endeavor will find inspiration and encouragement from these episodes.

Women Who Travel

Hosted by some kickass female travelers, Conde Nast Traveler's podcast focuses on empowering men and women to get out and explore the world. Each week, Traveler editors discuss the realities of traveling as a woman today. From discussions of safety to meeting women changing the travel industry, each episode explores a range of issues that we can all learn from.

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