5 Places You Should Cruise to in 2019


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There’s nothing better than kicking back and letting a vacation unfold in front of you. No need to stress about itineraries or transports, just you and adventures galore. Maybe that’s why we love cruises so much. Sitting on a ship and watching scenic views pass you buy, not to mention the easy access to incredible destinations around the world, there's little to not enjoy about fabulous cruises. This year, plan on cruising into one of these incredible ports for the vacation of a lifetime.  

Dominican Republic

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Following some hefty damage from Hurricane Maria, Dominican Republic is bouncing back and tourist dollars are helping lead that recovery. It’s the perfect time to cruise to this tropical paradise and enjoy the wonders it has to offer. Whether you want to pull up to the golden beaches of Punta Cana or the historic heart of Santo Domingo, you’ll love the adventures on offer across the island. From snorkeling to touring historic buildings and zip lining, the fun never stops at these action-packed ports.

Alaska, United States

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Alaska will always be at the top of any cruiser’s bucket list. And for good reason. Monstrous icebergs floating in still water, shimmering coastlines carved by glaciers and populated with wildlife — what’s not to love about this destination? Many of the most majestic spots in this state can only be seen by cruise ship, including the famed Inside Passage. Marvel at glaciers and mountains, forests and islands from the comfort (and warmth) of a luxury ship.

Cozumel, Mexico

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There are plenty of spots in Mexico vying for top status among cruisers, but the tiny island of Cozumel has to be a favorite. This largely-undeveloped tropical paradise is small but mighty, with mesmerizing beaches perfect for some hardcore relaxation. You won’t find the beating nightclubs or high-end shops of other nearby ports, but that’s more for the better. You won't want to do much else besides lay out on the sand with a drink in hand finding your own private paradise.

Valletta, Malta

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Malta is having its day in the sun — literally. One of the sunniest destinations in Europe, Malta is a paradise for Mediterranean cruises. While many head straight for the Greek Islands or the Croatian coast, this gem should be added to your itinerary. Peppered with medieval architecture set on deep blue water, it’s not difficult to see why the capital Valletta is so appealing. Wander along the waterfront before getting lost in the winding alleys of the historic city, leading to churches and museums that will keep you entertained for hours during your time off the boat.

Tromso, Norway

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Marked by exposure to sparkling glaciers and monumental fjords, Norwegian cruises have long dominated the European circuit. Tromso, in particular, is known as the Gateway to the Arctic, and gliding past snow-capped peaks on your way north is a dream experience. Watch the Northern Lights on the ship deck, undisturbed by city lights and see if you can spot roving whales. When you disembark, delight in Tromso's unique architecture and museums, as well as the incredibly friendly people.

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