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Whether you’re planning on traveling alone for the first time or are an experienced solo traveler, you probably recognize that some places are better suited to solo travel than others. At the end of the day, going at your own pace and being alone with your thoughts can give you the most rewarding travel experiences. And whether you want adventures or relaxation, local culture or peace and quiet, each of the following places offers up something that you can enjoy in your own way.

1. Thailand

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The eternally smiling Thai are known to be incredibly welcoming to all visitors, and between cheap street eats and inexpensive hostels, this nation is perfect for the adventurous solo traveler. Backpack through bustling Bangkok or skip to the beaches for some well-earned relaxation.

It’s easy to hop from jungle to city to beach in Thailand, so you'll never be bored. A special spot for solo travelers is the magical northern city of Pai. This remote oasis is perfect for those traveling alone, since it has a great mix of nature and charming handicraft shops to explore.

2. Croatia


Croatia has increasingly found its way onto many travelers’ bucket lists, but it's especially popular for solo travelers. Head south to Dubrovnik, the red-tiled city encircled by the Aegean Sea and imposing historic walls. Wander the historic heart, snapping photos of Game of Thrones sets and postcard-worthy views.

When you're ready to leave the city, Croatia's national parks and islands are ideal for solo venturers. Explore the waterfalls at Krka National Park or hop over to the party island Hvar for a little social fun. Whether you want to remain alone and escape this world for a while, or you're looking to meet like-minded travelers, Croatia is an amazing spot to visit solo.

3. Portugal


According to many indexes, Portugal is one of the safest spots in the world for women and men alike. Lisbon is home to some of the best hostels in the world, making it a perfect place for solo backpackers to socialize with each other. While traveling alone may be the norm, there's no harm in joining like-minded adventurers for a day or two during your trip to explore the Portuguese coast.

Beyond Lisbon, this small but diverse country offers endless forms of entertainment: surfing in Ericeira, hiking on the Algarve beach, wine tasting in Duoro. And if you hear the words "local cuisine" in Portugal, be sure to jump right in.

4. Japan


If safety is your number one priority when choosing a place to experience alone, then Japan should be at the top of your list. Here, moving from one place to another is super easy thanks to high-speed trains. There are also myriad accommodations to suit backpackers and luxury travelers alike. Also keep in mind that sushi restaurants are designed for people to eat alone, as are Japan's many food vending machines, making it easy for you to dive right into the local scene.

Urbanites can explore Tokyo and Osaka, where you can get lost in crowded streets or experience the wackier side of Japanese culture to your heart's content. When you're ready for some peace and quiet, walk the serene temples of Kyoto or approach the timid deer of Nara.

5. Scotland


Emerald green landscapes and quaint villages, cobblestone streets lined with pubs and tea shops — Scotland is perfect for the introspective traveler. It's easy to get around (if you can master driving on the other side of the road) and a friendly, English-speaking population makes finding your way around a breeze. Walk the historic streets of Edinburgh or cruise through the countryside exploring castles and coastal villages.

Skip over the Isle of Skye for even more stunning views that you can take in with the wind on your face. And if you feel the need to be social, find yourself in any pub with a pint and a story to tell.    

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