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Travel technology makes our journeys into the world simpler — in theory. The complexity these days is the volume and pace at which the next new thing keeps emerging, making it tough to keep up. While plenty of newfangled products do indeed streamline travel and reduce some of the stress, it’s up to individual adventurers how much tech is necessary for them. Sometimes the latest new toy is just so shiny you have to have it. In other cases, pure function or practicality rule. Or maybe there’s a piece of time-tested old-school tech that still does the trick — or comfortably harks back to simpler times. From the endless stream of new possibilities, here are five fun picks for 2019 from across the board.

A Drone of Your Own

If you are serious about documenting your travel touchstones on video, take it to the next level with this portable, high-definition airborn camera. Armed with the Holy Stone HS100, soon your footage will stand up to anything posted by those professed professional travel bloggers. The intelligent drone, available for around $230, is easy to pack along and packs plenty of tech in a little package, notably the high-definition capability and built-in GPS. Of course, some of us need a nudge to trade up our technology. Remember that the next time your selfie stick can't get just the right shot.

Wireless Speaker for Wanderers

Most audio-related travel gear is about solitude and separation: earbuds for private jam sessions, noise-cancelling headphones to drown out boisterous babies during a flight. Upon arrival, though, there’s often no viable outlet for all of the music in your phone or laptop. The tinny sounding speakers on your devices don’t have to stop the party. Among multiple options for portable speaker tech, the Helsinki ($450) delivers your tracks with audio quality and fashionable styling. Resembling nothing so much as a handbag or a haute-design throw pillow with a handle, the speaker is the result of straightforward Nordic design. And thanks to modern audio engineering, the compact Bluetooth loudspeaker from Vifa tenders top tonality and trendiness no matter where you roam.

Portable and Packable Water Bottle

At first glance, it appears the designers of the que Bottle went just a little overboard with an extra grippy, slip-proof design. Okay, we won’t drop it! When you're through with your beverage, though, the duality of the exaggerated, deeply ribbed design becomes apparent. A mere 8.4 inches in height to begin with, the generous, 20-ounce bottle ($25) shrinks down to a 4.8-inch piece of plastic when empty for easy packing. Its collapsible, curvy design brings the form and function formula to the fore, combined with a quirky fashion sensibility for style points. Also available in a 12-ounce size, the bottles come in a multitude of colors, are dishwasher safe and have a wide brim, so adding ice is easy.

Unplugged Travel Log

Too much online posting and selfie sorting can drain what’s supposed to be unwind time. Instead, relax with your thoughts while jotting down your travel day in this uncomplicated notebook featuring nostalgic, retro flair. Document your personal legendary exploits in style, filling the pages of the The Adventure Log Notebook by Word. Each clever little notebook has “The Adventure Log” title on the cover, as well as an official spot to note the trip dates; and with three packs for just $12, available in various cover colors, you can afford a new one for each adventure.

A Hotspot Without the Hassle

The Skyroam Solis sounds like the title of the latest James Bond movie. Actually, the gizmo would fit right in with the best clandestine, connected spy gear from Q’s lab. Small, lightweight and powerful, the ultra-connected wifi hotspot supports up to five connections while delivering unlimited 4G LTE service in more than 130 international destinations. That means you’re in control of your own connection while cruising any continent, so roaming charges and foreign SIM cards are a thing of the past. At $9 for each 24 hours of unlimited internet access, averaged into the number of days on the road, it’s still a reasonable rate. Not to mention, Skyroam Solis, which retails for around $145, packs enough backup power to charge phones and devices while on the move.

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