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We've all seen movies where a pickpocket makes off with the main character's money on a trip. Unfortunately, even in real life pickpockets can ruin a great vacation. While there are measures you can take to keep them from taking your things (putting your credit cards and money in the interior pocket of a jacket, wearing your purse or backpack on the front of you so you can see it at all times, etc.), there are also plenty of products on the market these days that can make stealing your belongings very difficult for the would-be thief. Here are five products designed to thwart pickpockets and save your trip.

1. Money Belt

Our first tip is a classic — a good old fashioned money belt. For all appearances, a money belt is a thinner version of the old-school fanny pack, but I assure you if it keeps a criminal from stealing your stuff, you won't really care about whether it's fashionable. Just stick your credit cards, cash and other small valuables into the zipper pocket and put the belt on under your shirt. Then voila! Pickpockets thwarted. You can even find ones that just fit money and roll up to the size of a belt, fitting through your pant loops easily. The best part is you can buy money belts for around $15 on Amazon.

2. Underwear with Pockets

Most pickpockets have an easy time stealing money and wallets because they can simply slip it out of your back pocket. That's why the key to thwarting them is to put the money someplace more hidden and much less accessible from the outside. This is where underwear with pockets come in. Available for both men and women, this underwear has small pockets near the waistband where you can keep your things hidden while staying comfortable. Here is an example of a pair on Amazon that look both functional and cute!

3. Socks with Zippered Pockets

Many a mother has told her child to hide money in their shoe, making this one the perfect product to thwart pickpockets! A lot of people put their cash in their sock when traveling to keep it from being stolen, but this can lead to the money slipping out on its own. Socks with zippered pockets make this idea more secure. Just put your money and/or credit cards inside and zip it shut. Then you can be sure that your belongings are safe from both pickpockets and accidental drops. Zip It Gear has a wide selection of these socks in both dress and casual styles.

4. Pocket Scarves

As you have probably noticed by now, the way to thwart pickpockets is just that: pockets! Hidden pockets are the best way to keep your money and cards safe while traveling. In my opinion, the best hidden pockets can be found in pocket scarves, as they are much roomier and always zip securely. Scarves with pockets can hold, not just money and credit cards, but your passport too. On my second trip to Italy, I was even able to fit my wallet into a pocket on an infinity scarf as well! There is a huge selection on Amazon for both infinity scarves (scarves that are circular instead of one straight piece) and regular ones.

5. Padlocks for Luggage and Backpacks

While most people think of pockets as being the only target of thieves, there's another big target on your back — literally. Pockets on backpacks and suitcases are a common target as well. To discourage thieves from even trying, many travelers put padlocks on their backpacks and luggage when they are out sightseeing or walking through crowded areas. A regular padlock will work just fine, although these are not approved by the TSA, and you won't be able to go through airport security with them. But once you arrive at your destination you can rest easy knowing your things are secure. You can find many padlocks for a low price on Amazon or at your local hardware store, so you can secure your backpacks for next to nothing.

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